A SUPER Experience.

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Two things you should know about me: I’m a Colts fan and I adore Miami (please insert a Will Smith or Vanilla Ice song into your head now). So, the Super Bowl was quite the fabu combo this year. Since IZOD has the super duper, Super Bowl connections, they suggested we trick out some cars and send them south.

A New Orleans-themed car and two Indianapolis-themed cars made the rounds in Southern Florida. First stop was the Pro Football Hall of Fame golf tournament at the gorgeous Biltmore.  I waited for Steve Young. I did not see Steve Young.*Sigh*But I did see a 250 pound ex-football player happily get stuck in the car.

Next stop was the W Hotel on South Beach and this was home for our cars most of the weekend. You know how hotels have to park the chichi cars at the front to let people know that rich folk are staying there? Well, the IZOD IndyCars got more attention than the Bentley, Ferrari, Lambo and Rolls Royce. And a random scooter.

At the W, Friday was arrival day for many celebs and VIP’s. In between snapping pics of Hilary Swank and Jessica Alba, we decided to crash the party with our street-legal 2-seater. With driver Davey Hamilton, we made some serious noise and turned lots of heads giving rides around South Beach. The evening before, IndyStar photographer Danese Kenon took a night ride through Ft. Lauderdale.

The highlight of our adventure was the Leigh Steinberg party on Saturday. You know, he’s the “show me the money!” guy. Not only were we smack dab in the middle of a high-roller crowd (and a Saints fan dressed up like Darth Vader), but the cars were a huge hit. As my heels sunk into the dirt at this party-in-a-park, I managed to snap some good pictures of the curious party-goers…and Leigh Steinburg himself got in the car!

Even though I got a farmer’s tan, cussed out a shuttle van driver and didn’t get to stay for the game (still love my Colts), the trip was a total success. Thanks to the “crew” for all of your hard work. If I need an ab workout, I know where to go for some hilarious stories. And if I need a cardio workout, I’ll be sure to aimlessly walk around the wrong convention center for a half hour. ;-)

IZOD IndyCar at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Golf Tournament
IZOD IndyCars at the W Hotel
Giving rides in South Beach
Leigh Steinberg


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  1. Brian Gurnee on March 3, 2010 7:19 am
    Brian Gurnee

    This series is dead. George killed it with arrogance. IZOD needs to cut it’s losses and move on. Note how many responses you are getting? NO ONE CARES! We are tired of “follow the leader” spec cars and engines, no innovation, pathetic drivers who buy rides, IE Milky Doughnuts. Since I was a teen in the early 70’s I have followed open wheel, and for the first time in 22 years I will not attend a race, of even watch one on tv. IZOD needs to move on. I suggest you move to sports cars- ALMS, Grand-Am, Rolex series. For the last few years I see the people at Road America and Milwaukee Mile I used to hang with going to sports car events. Move on IZOD, open wheel in America is now a rotting carcass.

  2. The Speedgeek on March 3, 2010 11:12 am
    The Speedgeek

    Oh, that’s cute, fella. If by “no one cares”, you mean “I don’t care” (and I’ll invite you to not speak for everybody there, beacuse there are plenty of people who do care), then why are you here? If you hate the series so much, why don’t you just go away instead of leaving hate mail on peoples’ blogs? Oh, and thanks for giving our new title sponsor so much time (like, four months and exactly zero race events) to work their marketing magic. That’s kind of you.

    On a better note, welcome, Lizod! We all (well, some present company apparently excepted) are looking forward to seeing what Izod can do for IndyCar and what IndyCar can do for Izod. Here’s hoping for a long, successful relationship. See you at the track.

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