1:52p.m.- Q&A session concluded. Thanks for keeping up with the live blog! Check out this page for more information about the new car strategy. (Beth)
1:19 p.m.- The ICONIC members are lined up on the stage about to take questions from the media.


1:11 p.m.- People are starting to trickle out of the Toby.

12:58 p.m.- Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels takes the stage- announces Dallara will build a factory in Speedway, Indiana. Make sure you are following us on Twitter @IndyCarNation to stay up-to-date on all the IZOD IndyCar Series news.
Governor speaks

Mitch Daniels

12:50p.m.- Members of the ICONIC team are talking about the new car strategy.
The hologram spins!

A Hologram of the Dallara

12:45 p.m.- The votes have been tallied! DALLARA!!!
The final vote

The Final Vote

12:20 p.m.- we’re on the front page of livestream. Pretty cool. Tune in now. Visit IndyCar.com (Daniel).
Front page of livestream

Front page of livestream

11:55 a.m. - There is real live wasp flying around the historic Marmon Wasp parked outside the entrance to the IMA Deer Zink Pavilion…coincidence?  The Pavilion is also housing many vintage IndyCars…make sure you check it out. Reminder: Toby doors open in less than 5 mins!  What chassis will they pick? Take the poll on IndyCar right now! (Beth)
11:40 a.m.- Twenty minutes until the Toby opens for seating! This place is going to be packed! (Beth)
Looking down

An empty Toby...for now.

11:15 a.m.-  Streaming live video in less than an hour and the parking lot at the IMA is filling up! If you can’t find a space additional parking is provided at the International School located at 4330 North Michigan Road. We will be providing shuttle service to and from the lot to the IMA for the conference. (Beth)

10:48 a.m. – Just saw that the Indianapolis Museum of Art wrote about our big event on their blog. It’s a good read, check it out. (Daniel)

10:42 a.m. – We’re going to be as responsive as possible with new content for our fans. We just uploaded some new images to our Flickr page. Check them out, here. (Daniel)

Vintage Cars #12

At the Indianapolis Museum of Art

10:20 a.m. -We plan on streaming live video of the entire event beginning at Noon. Visit IndyCar.com for all the details. Or see you in person. (Daniel)

Live video streaming

Watch it live, starting at Noon

Cool wall graphic

Today's the big day

10:08 a.m. – it’s a beautiful, hot day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We’re less than two hours away from the doors opening at The Toby. We’re working on some online content for you. Stay tuned. (Daniel)

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