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Its great to see the designs pouring in from the fans.  Each artist so far has concept-ed different designs which is what the new concept is all about.  As many of the readers have noticed, inspiration for designs are coming from all types of racing vehicles; Formula 1, past IndyCars…as well as new ideas which will shape the future of IndyCar racing.  My next challenge for all of the contributers would be to consider the different wing packages which will be necessary for oval, road, street and short oval circuits.

Our next design comes from Tyler Tucker.  Here’s Tyler’s comments about his designs.

“This design is a mix of old and new.  The rear wing has the F1 look to it to where it is tall and skinny.  The side pods are more traditional aside from the winglets designed to create an extra bit of downforce.”

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{Admin Note} With all of the excitement——and questions around the Future IndyCar Concept Announcement. We at thought we’d enlist our users to have fun with the open design concept that the 2012 IndyCarchassis will endorse.  For more information please visit the page for interviews, car information and of course…the details on how you can design your own concept.


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  1. Luis Fernando on July 25, 2010 7:59 pm
    Luis Fernando

    The IRL decision of punished Helio Castroneves is ridiculous.. Helio win this race. IRL is in the same poor level of FIA from F-1.. sad day for the race fans today.. SHAME, SHAME SHAME…

  2. Robin Settle on July 31, 2010 9:19 pm
    Robin Settle

    Alot better looking than the “generic” examples provided by Dallara! However, not quite as appealing as many fans had hoped for. Perhaps Dallara should rethink their safty cell design.

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