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IZOD wouldn’t be IZOD ifIZOD Trophy Girl 1 there wasn’t a model involved, right? Personally, I might have preferred Mark Wahlberg in his CK undies, but Cameron has definitely been a welcome sight to the fans this year.

The role of IZOD Trophy Girl was born at the first race in Brazil. We found a gal. And then an interpreter. It did not go well. Our trophy chick, while gorgeous, was a little more interested in taking pictures of drivers than doing her job. So, onward to St. Pete, where Miss Cameron was cast and the adventures begin.

For most fans, you’ve seen her on TV skillfully placed behind a driver during a post-race interview or hanging out in podium photos. Is it too much? Is it too “Where’s Waldo?” Possibly…but maybe you’ve noticed the Sprint Cup girls have picked up a few Cameron’isms in Victory Circle these days.

I’ve definitely had a variety of roles this season, but the role of pseudo-security guarIZOD Trophy Girl 2d is the most comical. From red carpet police to Wahlberg’s 500 escort, I’ve already had my fair share hands-in-faces (both giving and receiving). When serving as escort, getting Cameron from one location to another is always a circus. I certainly try to be nice, but if you’re grabbing her through a fence, or yelling, gawking or hovering in excess, then momma bear kicks in. Cameron calls it “assertiveness.” Ha! My description starts with a big ole “B.”

In addition to competing for face time with the Firestone Firehawk, she’s there to be in your photos and ham it up for tIZOD Trophy Girl 3he crowd. Wearing a firesuit and walking around a racetrack can be darn confusing to people. Early in the season, she was sometimes Danica, often Ana, and (still) almost always Milka. While we zoom through crowds in a golf cart, fans yell “Good luck, today!” as if she’s driving in the race. With a smile and wave, Cameron gives a cheerful, “thank you!” and we roll on towards our destination.

In between marathon meetings and credential duty, my race-day time with Cameron is a fun little break. Maybe I can be seen in fan pictures on random Facebook pages…but just half of me, off to the side, arms crossed, most likely staring at a phone. Tracked out in my red and white uniform (like Waldo), windblown and sunburnt, [L]IZOD looks pretty weary (and short) next to the tall, dazzling, lipglossed lady in the IZOD firesuit.


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  1. Anne on August 3, 2010 12:07 pm

    My husband and I always wanted to know who this chic was!

  2. Brooks on August 3, 2010 6:57 pm

    Can you save me some time, and just tell me who wins this coming week? I mean the guy who won the last race didn’t lead a lap…so i’d prefer not to waste my time watching a race while you screw it up and decide who wins this week. Just give us a schedule, saves everyone time.

  3. Roy Hobbson on August 4, 2010 9:01 am
    Roy Hobbson

    Damn you, Liza! YOU BACKSTABBING HARPIE!!! You PROMISED me you wouldn’t post that picture of me in my wife-beater leaning over the rail to spit game at Carmen. My trust in this blog is hereby terminated.

  4. pressdog on August 4, 2010 11:10 am

    LIZOD should pack a taser, to be safe, especially with Hobbson around. Props to Cameron for looking good in sweltering fire suit. One can only imagine what liquored up race fans say to her. Mistaken for Milka, though. That is rugged.

  5. The Speedgeek on August 4, 2010 11:39 am
    The Speedgeek

    Damn. Imagine my glee when going through this delightul post about our favorite mystery girl/platonic ideal lady friend, and I see a picture of a sweaty looking guy trying to cavort with The Izod Girl. “Hey!”, I think to myself. “Is that Hobbson? I’m gonna out that guy right here, and right now!” Imagine my disgust when I reach the comments only to find out that Hobbson’s gone and pointed himself out, thereby stealing my fun. My day is ruined. At least I can console myself with the knowledge that the racing world as a whole is now properly basking in the glory of OUR Izod Girl. Look on and weep, Miss Sprint Cup.

  6. Liza “[L]IZOD” Markle on August 4, 2010 12:20 pm

    Hobbson, I personally adore the beer koozie that conveniently attaches to the zoo fencing. Did you invent that? Taser might be needed if we walk her through the campgrounds at Mid-Ohio. And if I get a one, we’ll need to skin it up IZOD…with a matching belt clip. I can rock a belt clip, dont’cha know.

  7. IU on August 8, 2010 10:30 pm

    The girl behind the girl is always the more interesting one, right? :)

  8. Neon18 on August 11, 2010 4:07 pm

    Would love to see the Izod girl riding a beautiful horse on Izod Island, or in the backround of the Izod sloop. My favorite part of the race is when she appears in the backround with that glorious smile. What an inspiration for all of us. Makes me want to go buy my son another Izod polo.

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