{Admin Note} With all of the excitement——and questions around the Future IndyCar Concept Announcement. We at IndyCar.com thought we’d enlist our users to have fun with the open design concept that the 2012 IndyCar chassis will endorse.  For more information please visit the www.indycar.com/2012 page for interviews, car information and of course…the details on how you can design your own concept.

New design from Emmanuel Goussot

New design from Emmanuel Goussot

I was excited to see what type of designs would pop up.  While a lot of gear head won’t get to excited about this image, I am sure our graphic designer fans and other artistic types will appreciate the work.

Note from the designer-Emmanuel Goussot

“Hi there,

I am not a techie per say however I came with a view of a red car and
with the image of what indycar is all about:
- reaching people
- fun
- colourful
- affordable

Thanks and looking forward to have it online!
Emmanuel from France

Emmanuel Goussot

Dijon – France”

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