Brothers, Mauro and Art Rotondo own and operate This dynamic duo is based out of Montreal and specializes in the art of motorsport helmet design.

Front view- Rahal's Mid-Ohio Helmet

Graham Rahal's Helmet for the Mid-Ohio Race

We have quite a roster of IRL drivers under our brand, one of our first- Graham Rahal- is always looking for the most unique and stylish helmets out there. This weekend’s Mid-Ohio Race marks the home race for Rahal. For the occasion, actually kicked it old school by paying tribute to Graham’s father Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, by painting his helmet in his father’s original colors. Who thought a few shapes on a helmet could make so much of an impact? In a sport where helmets are getting busier from race to race, it’s nice to come back to down to basics and create this great tribute. Hopefully this helmet will bring Graham the luck needed to be first to cross the finish line this Sunday.

Rahal's Sonoma Helmet

QuickTrim colors for the Sonoma Race

After an entire season of sponsorship uncertainty for Rahal, the great people at QuickTrim came through and decided to come on board with Rahal to sponsor the rest of his racing season starting at the Sonoma race. For the occasion, the company made sure to incorporate their unique corporate colors into Graham’s helmets.

Graham Rahal Custom Cartoon

Cartoon Rahal Design

Each of our helmets is unique its own way right down to the custom painted cartoon Graham on each helmet top even suited up in his QuickTrim suit! These helmets were a blast to work on and hope they will bring Graham the extra boost to bring the QuickTrim car to victory lane!


Indy Lights Driver: Sebastian Saavedra's Helmet

Sebastian Saavedra is IndyLights’s up an coming superstar which needed a new helmet design and painter. We made him a wild rendition of his Colombian colors mixed with a speed feel at the front of the helmet. Sebastian will be sporting these helmets throughout the rest of the season.

Alex Lloyd's Helmet for Mid-Ohio

Alex Lloyd is’s newest client addition and was in severe need of a new helmet design and painter, therefore Art worked his magic and created a wonderful new design which incorporates Alex’s aggressiveness on the track along with his humanitarian side off the track. He will be sporting these helmets this coming weekend in Mid- Ohio.


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  1. Guido DC on August 6, 2010 12:22 am
    Guido DC

    I have purchased some items from these guys. They give amazing service and produce really unique products. They are not your conventional racing retailer, they’re special. I really hope their designs make it to the F1 grid soon!!!

  2. Richard Telsmann on August 6, 2010 12:03 pm
    Richard Telsmann

    I first bumped into this company while strolling down Crescent Street during the Canadian GP festivities. I was immediately attracted to their unique canvas/print works and not only did I grab a few of those works, I also had them do a helmet for my son and myself. Great work… keep it up!

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