Power Visits the Indiana State Fair

Posted on: August 11, 2010 | Comments (1) | Drivers | By: Arni

2010 Indiana State Fair

2010 Indiana State Fair

A day after clinching the Mario Andretti Road Course Championship with a second-place finish at Mid-Ohio, Will Power celebrated by taking his first trip to the Indiana State Fair.

The Australian joined a group of friends for night of unique food, rides and games in hopes of winning stuffed prizes for his fiancée, Elizabeth Cannon – though Cannon was more successful in winning her own prizes.

Power’s hometown of Toowoomba, Australia hosts a similar event called the Carnival of Flowers every September (spring in the Southern Hemisphere).

“We don’t have food like this in Australia,” Power quipped as he sampled a foot-long corn dog and deep-fried Milky Way candy bar. “We have Gator-on-a-stick and Wombat-on-a-stick.”


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  1. JAD on August 23, 2010 12:43 pm

    This has been the most boring Indy car series that I can remember. Will Power may be a good driver but what a flat and uninspiring personality. I’m also tired of only two teams winning races. Why should anyone else show up? And what is up with the Andretti team. Is it a lack of money? motivation? Americans like at least some dose
    of underdogs winning once in awhile. Not in Indy Car’s. For the same reason I find F1 a waster of time, Indy is going the same way. Why doesn’t Penski and Chip start there own series. I would think they would be concerned about the lack of competition. In my opinion, their wins have lost there luster as a result of their predictability.

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