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Prior to this trip everyone kept mentioning how friendly the fans were in Japan. I believed them – I’ve already seen that at the previous IndyCar races this season. Our fans are passionate, committed and of course, very nice. Motegi is a different experience. For one, it’s a different culture, language, continent and time zone. It’s also the adopted home track for Hideki Mutoh and Takuma Sato – not to mention Roger Yasukawa – and these fans really love these drivers.


Happy fans

There are fans everywhere. When I walk from one location to another, I notice fans around every garage, every team – all decked out in different gear, supporting their favorite. You never know what you’re going to see next.

To Simona de Silvestro from KOKUBUNJI Elementary School

Students from KOKUBUNJI Elementary School presented this to Simona

The fans arrive super early to the track and stay until the very end. They line up around the garages, pit entrance, media center and other locations for their opportunity to grab an autograph from their favorite drivers. There are fans of all ages, dressed in all kinds of stuff. It’s an amazing site.

Simona and school kids

Young, super IndyCar fans

The fans love IndyCar racing in general. Of course the Japanese drivers Sato and Mutoh have a received a lot of attention, but I’ve noticed all of the IndyCar drivers are swarmed when they try to walk from location to location. There is a big buzz about the track and it’s obvious the Japanese have a real connection to this sport. And they know their stuff.

Mini Wheldon and Wheldon

Now that's a cool outfit

And like the other fans I’ve met over this season, they are super nice.

Takuma Sato and fans

Crowd favorite Sato

I’m wondering what your thoughts are about being an IndyCar fan? What draws you to the sport? Who’s your favorite driver and team? And what race don’t you miss?

We also have more fan pics from Motegi on our Flickr page. You can check them out, HERE.


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  1. ajhracing on September 18, 2010 11:14 pm

    I am a fan because I am named after AJ Foyt. It is a bit more complicated than that. Racing is in you. It is a part of you and it can consume you. Some dads take their kids hunting or fishing, most dads play catch with their kids. My dad took me to the race track and instead of playing catch we discussed turbo chargers and the need for pop off valves. I do not know what life would be like with out racing. I have no clue what normal people do on Memorial Day weekend because my whole life I have been going to Indianapolis and watching The 500. This is all I know. That’s why I am a fan.

  2. MikeRay on September 19, 2010 1:01 am

    Where can I vote for Dario to catch Will inthe Championshipbattle,thank you,peace,out.

  3. TheKingAJFoyt on September 19, 2010 4:04 am

    I love Indycar racing because I grew up in the shadow of Indy. When you are a kid and you go to that track, and see all 33 cars get up to speed for the drop of the green flag, how can you not become a fan for life? I mean that is just one of the coolest moments in all of sports, the balloons are set loose, 33 engines roar to their full potential, 250,000 people are standing and cheering, there is an electricity in the air. And the next time you see the cars go by they are going 220 mph, you feel the true power and speed, and it’s just the coolest, most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.

  4. William on September 19, 2010 10:48 am

    I love Indy because it’s complete! Oval, Street, Road courses. Where can you find a race series that you need to be good in all kind of tracks to be champion?!
    I hope that Indy will have its glory days again in a near future!
    I’m Indy!!! <3

  5. Naoyuki Oi on September 21, 2010 1:24 am
    Naoyuki Oi

    I am a long time, enthusiastic motorracing fan including indycar since 1970s. Sometimes I loved F1 most, sometimes Sportscar racing, and now I love indycar the most. One of the reason is Takuma Sato, I am supporting since he raced Formula Vaxhaul in UK. Another reason is its atmosphere and competitiveness.
    Generally speaking, in Japan the promotion of Japanese drivers by Honda has the largest influence on leading people to indycar racing. As Japanese people I think are very acceptable to the real things, once they are interested in indycars, their interests easily expand beyond Japanese drivers.

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