With  2 races to go and 5th place in the series getting ever closer the heat was on us to figure out the last scraps of speed in the car on ovals and  keep the awesome streak of top 5 finishes going. Kentucky was up and another demanding 1.5 mile flat out oval challenge we had to tackle with  both hands.

Qualifying went extremely well. Once I’d gotten over the initial running around a new oval flat out at 190 mph we  managed to eek out a pretty decent setup and overall speed to place the  car 5th for the race. Things were really looking up as we figured our car’s strongest point wasn’t in outright speed on it’s own, it was  better suited for running in traffic in the race. It usually stays strong and helps me bring it home in the top 5.

Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke

Despite  getting a good start in the first 15 laps of the race, things were set  to take a turn for the worst. Whilst battling for 4th place with series  leader, JK Vernay, the car somehow seemed to lose it’s edge. At the time  of writing I can’t say exactly what went wrong as we haven’t had chance  to look at every single thing in detail back at the Workshop. The speed of the car just seemed to slip back a little and now, instead of me  drafting up behind cars and pulling out to pass, I was a sitting duck  for cars to close up to and pass either outside me or down the inside.  Nothing I could do and I spent the 2nd half of the race discussing with  the team over the radio what we thought could be the problem whilst I tried different lines to carry more speed. Nothing worked.

Still, it’s racing and it’s a privilege. The fans this year have been awesome. Thank you to everyone for supporting our series and also the Speedy fans out there. You know who you are and it’s an honor to see you  sporting the Dan Clarke cap. I know the Walker guys will find what the  problem was in the race and we’ll be back to full speed in no time.

Full Race Recap:

Now lets go get some at Homestead!

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