It all started in Nazareth, PA at IndyCar’s 100th race back in 2004, where like many other start-up companies, we went knocking on every transporter door in the paddock offering our services. The first and only one to open that weekend and accept our service offer was none other than Dan Wheldon’s, whom at that time was still racing for the AGR team. The rest is history, being such a tight knit family, one driver spoke to another and the ball starting rolling from then on.

Scott Dixon with Art

Scott Dixon with Canvas

Even translating into other racing series such as Nascar and the world renowned Formula 1. Many names such as Dan Wheldon, Scott Dixon, Max Papis, Jenson Button, Adrian Fernandez, Sebastien Bourdais, Sebastian Vettel, Patrick Carpentier to name a few. Some of our paintings are also proudly displayed at the Ferrari F1 racing team factory in Italy as well as in Ferrari President Mr. Di Montezemolo’s office.

Sebastian Vettel with the Rotonto Bros

The Rotondo Brothers with Vettel & Canvas

Then from there our helmet painting division started in 2007 when we were hired to design two helmets for Dan Wheldon and from then on we opened the helmet designing and painting division of the company which today accounts for as much for our company as the canvas paintings.

Each canvas painting, which Art creates is completely done using the finest oil paints and completely from scratch by Art.  Our biggest differentiation to other canvas painter’s is that Art is able to capture the thrill and speed of the race car in every one of his paintings. His young age of 30 translates directly into his work, especially being in a Motorsport Canvas Painting industry which mainly consists of older aged painters which prefer keeping their work clean cut.  The company thrives off being ahead of the rest by doing such works of Art, each masterpiece requires between 60-80hrs of work from beginning to end. What is also really interesting is that for any fan who wants to gets close to an original at a lower price, from every painting we produce, a limited edition series of Lithographs becomes available, so that the fans can get their hands on the same image that their favorite driver owns the original of.


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  1. Jesse on September 23, 2010 2:22 pm

    Great looking art! The only thing I don’t get, is after all the work goes into the detail of that wonderful painting, they “splatter” paint all over it. I’m sure for some effect, but to me, I’d prefer the pre-splattered work.

  2. Ralph Simpson on September 24, 2010 1:34 pm
    Ralph Simpson

    Now THAT’S what I call art. Magnificent!!!!

  3. Tito Gonzalvez on September 25, 2010 7:51 am
    Tito Gonzalvez

    Great article that explains the company’s beginnings.
    I personally own a few prints, Canadian Reign, Magic and Il Piccolo Canadese. Hopefully one day I’ll be fortunate enough to get my hands on an original…
    Keep up the good work, Art.

  4. Joseph Cacho on October 3, 2010 9:17 pm
    Joseph Cacho

    You have some great points there. I did a research on the subject and I want to say that I found out nearly all experts will agree with your point of view.

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