16th Street Racing League: Road America

Posted on: December 14, 2010 | Comments (0) | iRacing | By: Brian

Last Tuesday, the 16th Street Racing League cruised into Road America for 35 laps on the historic road course in Wisconsin.  Road America is legendary.  Fast, wide, sweeping, and promotes the bravest of driving.  I absolutely love it when we get to come to this track during our seasons.

This event, like all our others, had no shortage of controversy.  Yang Ou continued to show his complete dominance on ovals and road courses in practice.  He set a fast lap of 1:46.583 a full 6 tenths faster than the next driver.  Very impressive to say the least.  The rest of the top five consisted of the usual front runners, Bryan Heitkotter, Ryan Murray, Pat Dotson, and  John Paquin.  Real life Road To Indy driver and up and comer Corey Lewis would finish practice in the 6th position.

As you can probably imagine, the speed around here makes coming up on slower cars extremely difficult.  As a result, qualifying is a chore.  You really have to try and time it so you can get by the slower cars in the slower corners so you’re not having to make drastic moves in the super high speed corners where there’s no room for error.  Yang Ou, once again, proved he’s a master at finding that fast lap everyone searches for.  He took the pole with a 1:46.360, two tenths faster than his practice time and seven tenths faster than the next car.  Ryan murray, Bryan Heitkotter, Pat Dotson, and Tim Holgate completed the Top 5 positions.  Corey Lewis would start in 7th position.

The race didn’t even make it to turn 3 before disaster struck.  Yang Ou, Bryan Heitkotter and Ryan Murray ran down into the tight hairpin left that is turn 3 when Yang made a mistake under braking.  He ran wide on exit clipping a quite massive bump on the track that pitched his car sideways.  He then shot across the track making contact with Bryan and Ryan.  Both Bryan and Ryan thought they were both going to be able to continue on.  Only one of them was right.  Bryan made it roughly one more lap before he ended up in the tires, unfortunately taking Tim Doyle with him.

The remainder of the race was a heated battle between Pat Dotson and Tim Holgate.  Ultimately Pat would win the race having lead from flag to flag for a flawless victory.  Tim Holgate would finish second while, miraculously, Ryan Murray would finish in 3rd position despite his first lap incident and driving a car with a seriously bent suspension.  John Paquin and Robert Bohanek would round out the Top 5.  Cary Bettenhausen put up a good showing with a 6th place position while Road To Indy driver Corey Lewis finished a disappointing 12th position 15 laps down.

This week we head to Texas Motor Speedway.  Anyone who has ever seen a race at Texas knows it’s all about speed… hot nasty bad a** speed.

Most of the time when we head to 1.5 mile ovals where it’s flat out the racing can get a little frustrating as it’s hard to move forward.  Texas is like being on a bungee chord… up and down all night long.  Stay tuned until next week for what I’m sure will be an exciting and drama filled recap!

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