Hello my name is INDYCAR

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Hello, my name is...

INDYCAR nametag

Remember the fat kid in junior high that wore sweat pants all the time? The one that carried a Trapper Keeper stuffed full of very organized (and totally awesome) abstract art folders? Imagine if that kid’s name was really unique and rhymed with an orifice located at the very end of the digestive system. Hi. I’m Amos. I’m that kid.

Names are important. In some cases, names are exchanged before a hand is shaken. Fair or not, sometimes lacking all context, a name can be the first impression.

Imagine we just met (which we did). Your friend knows my wife whose cousin played soccer with your college roommate and we’ve gotten together at your favorite local establishment for a beverage.

“Hi, I’m Amos.”

“Hello. I’m John. Synthia mentioned you work in racing.”

“I do. I work for the Indy Racing League.”

“The what league?”

“The Indy Racing League. You know…INDYCAR.”

“Oh! Yeah, yeah. Like the Indy 500?”


Why not get straight to the point? Why not just call this operation INDYCAR? Why go with a first, middle and last name when you can go with just your first name? Mario. Coco. Prince. Oprah. They all worked it out. So — INDYCAR it shall be.

Do not fret Indy Racing League fans of yesteryear. It’s still us. We’re just a bit more fit (likely from turning left AND right now) and more prone to carrying iPads now. Yet still the fastest, most versatile athletes and race cars in the world!


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  1. MikeyJ on January 11, 2011 9:57 am

    If we don’t write it in ALL CAPS will we be forced to return or Trapper Keeper?

  2. Anthony Corsoro on January 11, 2011 10:39 am
    Anthony Corsoro

    Some of my most fond memories of open wheel racing are from the days of when it was called INDYCAR before the split. The days of Michael and Mario racing for Newman Haas, Bobby Rahal was racing the MGD car, and the Indy 500 qualifying drew a huge crowd! I like the move! But this time….NO SPLIT!

  3. Jim on January 11, 2011 11:08 am

    How do you spell orifice?

  4. Ed on January 11, 2011 7:39 pm

    Do I have to yell INDYCAR when I say Indycar?

  5. Vitorfan on January 12, 2011 1:56 am

    Who watches jjcar anyway? ..not me! everyone in that series is afraid to race the champion like he’s any other driver…push him out to the wall & make him change his line or he’ll dammage his car! C’mon Kyle, Smoke & Denny, do what the real Dale Earnhardt would do to this guy!

  6. Tony on April 7, 2011 5:36 pm

    Wake up Indycar. How do you expect to get a following with all of the road and street courses? MORE OVALS 70% oval 30% street & road. Ovals are better venues with seats located for optimal viewing (you can see everything), better tv, better racing, intensely fast and close finishes aka chicagoland has been amazing racing. That’s great indy racing is available on i-racing. What about the marketing potential with major gaming platforms?? How do you expect to reach broader audiences when the izod brand isn’t available on xbox 360 or PS3. You should talk to the developers that just launched the new NASCAR Game. It is amazing!!!

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