We’re asking fans to help decide which web writers will rep best at this year’s Virtual Indy 500 competition (Read more about the competition here). Any web writer ready to stake their claim will be put in front of our esteemed panel of sharp, clever, witty and good-looking judges (A.K.A. – you!).

So take a look at this entrant and leave your comments and likes here or hit us @INDYCAR with a tweet if you think Trackside Online will provide fans with the best Virtual Indy 500 coverage this week at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Trackside Online | Website | Twitter “Providing INDYCAR Coverage for Over Ten Years.”

TrackSide Online presented by Honda Racing is a news service devoted exclusively to INDYCAR racing.  Commonly referred to as TSO, TrackSideOnline.com has been covering the IZOD IndyCar Series for over 10 years by attending all of the practices, qualifying sessions and races, including the international events.

A highly trusted news source, TSO’s in depth coverage is read by drivers, team owners, officials and race fans that want the inside scoop on what is really happening within INDYCAR.

That’s what we do.  So why does Joe from TSO want to run the virtual Indy 500 against other journalists?

Back before he joined up with TSO, he used to pass the time running racing simulations.  Anyone remember “Indianapolis 500: The Simulation?”

He used to spend hours trying to win in the Lola/Buick using a keyboard.  IndyCar Racing?  Grand Prix Legends?  He spent far more hours on all of these games than he probably should have.

But that was before marriage and two kids.  Why does he want to get back into sim racing against journalists?

Simple – he thinks he can win.  Is he good enough to beat anyone with any actual racing talent (real or sim)?  Of course not.

But based off some go-kart races against other journalists, and if I get some seat time in iRacing, I think I can win.


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  1. Joe on May 22, 2011 3:43 pm

    If Danica is out of this race then we are dropping you clowns from our support. It is obvious Indy Car is a joke.
    We are calling sponsors and telling them to dump you clowns.
    You threw Trump under the bus. Now you are throwing Danica under the bus. Now we are throwing you under the bus. See you losers
    Andetti Racing need to be taken to court. If you dopes think you can treat Danica like garbage then you are dumber than you look. I grew up around cars and racing. You pigs don’t cut it.

  2. JB on May 23, 2011 7:29 pm


  3. vic on May 26, 2011 3:16 pm

    where is all the howling and yelping about hunter-ray buying his way into the 500??if it were danica you would hear the yekping on the moon!!!!!!!!!

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