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INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard wants to hear YOUR thoughts on the IZOD IndyCar Series! Every Monday for the rest of the season, he will post a poll here on the INDYCAR Blog asking for your opinion. Today, he wants to know what you enjoyed most about the Kentucky Indy 300! Answer below, and follow him on Twitter to hear his response later today!


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  1. Tony Landis on October 3, 2011 4:24 pm
    Tony Landis

    Great win for a small oval track team, the downside is, even fewer ovals next year and thats a shame. The road races are so very boring.
    The only chance this series has is to do something NASCAR doesn’t do. I suggest 3-4 dirt races on one mile ovals and have them pay the same points as street races (which should be less than others). If scheduled right you would get some big name drivers who would actually put rear ends in the seats! These events would draw BIG and keep in mind that the one mile ovals were a big part of the schedule for 50 years, think of the media promotion it would get!

  2. bob on October 3, 2011 4:26 pm

    Sarah and Ed winning. Sometimes good people do come in first

  3. Oilpressure on October 3, 2011 4:30 pm

    Perseverance pays off! With Ed a runner-up two years in a row and sarah holding the track record since 2002, we were all hoping this pairing could be magic. We were not disappointed. Good for both of them!

  4. Steve Beck on October 3, 2011 4:44 pm
    Steve Beck

    Sarah Fisher racing winning! Good for hometown guy Ed Carpenter too.
    We need to secure at least a 50/50 balance between ovals and other venues, the ovals clearly produce better competition

  5. BrandonMillerSR on October 3, 2011 4:44 pm

    Without a doubt was Ed Carpenters finish. Hailing from Speedway IN myself I loved seeing an Indiana driver win that race. The last 25 laps side by side was unbelievable!!!!!! KMS is an awesome track and I will be attending yearly!!!

  6. Choate51 on October 3, 2011 4:44 pm

    It was a great race but there were a couple things that irked me and my friends that went to the event. The 13 lap caution for “debris” early in the race was BS. Stop holding up the show because a title contender has problems. This is the big leagues. Also, I waited in the stands for 15 minutes waiting to hear an interview from ED, but there was NONE. Just one driver interview in 15 minutes after one of the best races of this season. Talk about bull ****. Plus the 5 car finish for Indy lights was a joke.

  7. Sally B on October 3, 2011 4:55 pm
    Sally B

    What I liked best was that it was an oval.

    I planned to attend 5 ovals this year & actually made it to 3 ovals. Work prevented one of those planned trips, but I have cancelled the other one – Vegas – and plan to lay on the beach instead.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think the series wants us old-timers around any more. You’ve indicated it with a new schedule of lousy straight races & boring road races. I don’t want to Race to the Party, Go to a loud urban concert, or get Wet & Wild at the MGM. No, that’s not me, a once loyal IndyCar fan.

    The number of ovals I plan to attend next year? One. Who knows if I actually make it.

  8. Neonix on October 3, 2011 4:56 pm

    Personally, I like both oval and road/street races. The problem in Indy is that road/street races are played on very poorly designed tracks that offer very few passing opportunities (i.e., Sonoma). The ideal would be to have a balanced schedule of oval and road races. The diversity is what made the Indycar so popular back in the days. Indycar should consider Montreal, and the new Austin race track as potential venues.

    Another thing that should be worked on is the availability of your product outside the USA. Believe it or not, you have lots of fans outside USA and it would be fun to consider them. I’m from Canada (note that I didn’t say Equatorial Guinea), and I have all the trouble in the world to catch a live race, and can never participate in any contests of any sorts.

    And the third thing to say is… Please don’t try to make NASCAR out of Indycar…

  9. pjbracing on October 3, 2011 5:01 pm

    There is no way that road / street races can duplicate the exciting finish at Kentucky. Street courses are a party, road courses are a picnic but oval courses are a race! IndyCar is doomed without running a majority of oval races.

  10. Michael Raymond on October 3, 2011 5:04 pm
    Michael Raymond

    This was the best race of the season! I have been going to the Indy 500 for 25 years (I’m 28 now) and love of the 500 but you can only see the cars for a few seconds, at KY you can see the whole race track. There has got to be a way to get more people come to the track and see a great race its only a few hours from Indy. The final stent where ED and Dario where fighting back and forth was amazing. every time ED nosed ahead the crowd went crazy.

    Some thoughts on improving:
    1. Move the race back to the night. This way you not competing against the NFL and the cars look way cooler with the sparks flying off at night
    2. Condense the whole event down to a day do a Road/Street Course type qualifying in the AM and then go race at night FILL the space in between with Mazda Road to Indy Races
    3. Maybe make it a 400 mile race … they are just so quick the race does not last long
    4. Make the fuel tanks SMALLER (on all races) the pit action is great if a car has to pit more often, it should make it more interesting because they can tune their cars and try different thing to get to the front
    5. Figure out how to make the Yellow shorter. That first yellow for debris should have only been for 1 or 2 laps enough for the safety guy to jump the wall pick up the debris and get back to safety no need to open the pits for something that small
    I could go on but I don’t want to look like R.M. and complain about everything! Please find a way to keep the ovals on the sheduale and remember this was This was the best race of the season! Congrats ED!

    Twitter @ MAR0927

  11. Darrell Cox on October 3, 2011 5:06 pm
    Darrell Cox

    The battle over the last 20 laps was phenomenal. But had to vote for Ed getting the win. Huge win for him and SFRacing. Hope we can keep Ky on the schedule. I have been to every IndyCar race that track has had. Some of the best racing anywhere.

  12. Marky Sharkey on October 3, 2011 5:07 pm
    Marky Sharkey

    I agree we should have a 50/50 mix of road/street and ovals. the problem is you have to find ovals to run on! Did you see the attendance at Kentucky? For some reason people who want to see ovals must want to see them on TV only. That is a real problem. Owners sympathetic to NAPCAR run a lot of the ovals, they are not going to be much help! Having the races on ovals is going to depend on filling the seats. INDYCAR has not been real good at that. You can only give away so many seats!

  13. Dano on October 3, 2011 5:18 pm

    No one complaining about Brian Barnhart. That was the best thing. NO whining.

  14. Ron Ellis on October 3, 2011 5:20 pm
    Ron Ellis

    I have always been a fan of open-wheel racing. I believe that it is classier than “rubbin’-is-racin’.” Unfortunately, many IndyCar drivers have left and gone to NASCAR. No matter what each driver says, money has got to be a factor. I hope that IndyCar popularity will increase and the Indy 500 will continue to be the “greatest spectacle in racing.”

  15. HDavis on October 3, 2011 5:29 pm

    I agree with some of the others. I like a combo of the ovals and road courses. I just wished the road courses/street circuits had more passing zones. The “International” course at Watkins Glen is great! I dont get why NASCAR doesnt use it.

  16. Michael Davis on October 3, 2011 5:35 pm
    Michael Davis

    How can you not be happy for Sarah Fisher. Her team puts out a truly competitive car on the ovals for a tiny budget.

  17. Greg Sargent on October 3, 2011 5:36 pm
    Greg Sargent

    I am a big fan of open-wheel racing, and much prefer ovals to street/road courses. However, Baltimore was one of the best street courses to come along in a long time. Seeing races on ovals though, provides far more excitement simply because of the sheer speeds and close finishes. One other note: Ana Beatrize’s team really put a dent in Will Power’s chances of winning, by releasing her right as Power was coming in for his pit. There should be some sort of penalty against a team as a whole when that happens. It ruined Power’s race and Ana’s race because she was released when she should have been held up to allow Power into his Pit.

  18. Ross on October 3, 2011 5:38 pm

    This race was great to watch. It’s a shame Indycar isn’t returning next year. The racing on ovals is what attracted me to Indycar. The street races draw crowds but there isn’t much racing going on. Put some time and money in promoting the oval courses and you’ll have a lot of happy fans. If you keep on focusing on street and road races the series will eventually go bust like the old cart series.

  19. justin smalley on October 3, 2011 5:50 pm
    justin smalley

    I think the series will suffer with lack of ovals…thats where irl has the best races..like yesterday…groups of 10 cars wheel to whhel @ 200 mpr instead of boring street courses in a single file lovefest with no room to pass!!! more ovals!

  20. Eric Nelson on October 3, 2011 5:55 pm
    Eric Nelson

    i thought the best part of the race was the side by side racing we have there every year, i wish chicagoland was back on the schedule. i was on the edge of my seat for the last 20 laps hoping Ed would win. Great job Sarah and Ed!!

  21. Marky Sharkey on October 3, 2011 6:10 pm
    Marky Sharkey

    I met Randy at the ICONIC input meeting last year. He was very approachable and listened to what I had to say. It was greatly appreciated. If Randy is going to read these comments then let me give my 2 cents. I LOVE Indy car racing! I want what is best for my favorite sport, with that said I am also a realist, I have been to several IIC series races in the last 3 years and other than the Indy 500 the ovals have been woefully attended. Whether it was Homestead, Michigan, Kentucky, Milwaukee, or even Chicago the last few years the attendance at these races have continued to fall. Those 5 ovals I listed are now of the IIC schedule! I love ovals as much as anybody but the reality is the racing public has decided they are not going to spend their money to watch Indy cars on ovals. I have been to street races like St Pete and Long Beach and while I dont enjoy street racing on tv I will admit the atmosphere and attendance at these races is really good. It looks like we can add Baltimore to this mix. I want Indy car to survive! As a fan I want more ovals, but unless we fans will attend these races and make it profitable for the promoters it will not happen. Randy, do what you have to to keep IIC series alive. If that means a schedule heavy on road/street circuits then so be it. Keep your ears open and try to get into some more oval venues. When that happens then fans we need to get out to support our favorite form of racing! Butts in the seats will be the thing that gets us more ovals. I want to encourage you Randy to keep up the good work you are doing at promoting our sport. It will take us all, owners, drivers, fans, and sponsors to get Indy car back to where it belongs, the Premier Racing Series in the USA. Any way I can help let me know.

  22. Jason Shelley on October 3, 2011 6:11 pm
    Jason Shelley

    Randy: Do what you can to keep a balance (ovals & road/street). Keep up the good work!

  23. Dennis McElhoe on October 3, 2011 6:15 pm
    Dennis McElhoe

    Ed’s win was what the creation of the series was all about -the little guys beating the big teams. Congratulations to Ed and Sarah. It’s lousy that DG has left the team. It’s extremely lousy that Kentucky is being added to the long list of failed oval races. Having been to Kentucky, I’m convinced that the continually changing dates, in addition to poor promotion contributed to its demise. Chicagoland, Richmond and now Kentucky – all races I’ve enjoyed in person because of the close racing. At least I got to see them before they were dropped. Hopefully sooner than later, someone will get a clue about how to property promote oval races.Until then, Chip and Roger will continue to enjoy the growing number of gov’t funded street races until the series reaches the tipping point – if it hasn’t already – and join CART and CCWS on the ash heap of history.

  24. hank on October 3, 2011 6:28 pm

    Every Monday for the rest of the season? Does he realize there’s only one race left?

  25. Paul Palmieri on October 3, 2011 7:30 pm
    Paul Palmieri

    Although the finish was a highlight of the race.I believe the real story was he first win and the importance of the win!Sarah fisher made it clear that Dollar will not be sponsoring her car next season.having said that, I believe this win,will get Dollar re-thinking their decision!

  26. Paul Palmieri on October 3, 2011 7:32 pm
    Paul Palmieri

    Although the finish was a highlight of the race.I believe the real story was his first win and the importance of the win!Sarah fisher made it clear that Dollar will not be sponsoring her car next season.Having said that, I believe this win,will get Dollar re-thinking their decision!

  27. Bryan ferreira on October 3, 2011 8:01 pm
    Bryan ferreira

    I really enjoyed my pre race pass that I won! And the amazing photos I will share with Ann F. in the week to come! Also, I love the daft that someone new one. Great race and awesome staff you have!

  28. bob on October 3, 2011 9:31 pm

    This is being rated as one of the highest races of the year on trackforum. Can’t believe you are cancelling this race as you told Miller. Please stand up for the oval fans

  29. bob on October 3, 2011 9:38 pm

    Please keep Kentucky race and bring back Chicagoland

  30. Phillip Walker on October 3, 2011 9:50 pm
    Phillip Walker

    Please bring indy racing back to Richmond. Short Track Oval Indy racing is great…and just when Indycar was drawing a growing spectator crowd in Richmond, the plug was pulled on it. The East Coast needs an oval and a street race (we had a ball in Baltimore!) Signed: A Southern Indy Car Fan

  31. Peter Wernett on October 3, 2011 10:15 pm
    Peter Wernett

    KY is another vote for great oval racing. Road and street courses are boring unless the courses can be designed for much more passing opportunities.

  32. John on October 3, 2011 10:59 pm

    Sorry this is not specific to Kentucky.

    I just started watching Indy races again this year on a regular basis and even went to one event.

    Agree with most that the ovals are far more exciting to watch than the road coarses. Having said that I think you still need to mix it up a bit and clearly Baltimore was a winner. Sonoma is also a great track but, when the pole sitter stays in first for the whole race, that’s not too exciting.

    Smaller gas tanks which require more pit stops and strategy would be good and quit favoring the big teams. I recall Franchitte once was penalized to go to the last position when he was already second to last for a violation. Another time I recall a yellow being issued very late after a very small, small accident, and it came just in timing for the two big teams to pit without losing their position.

    You need diversity, and not just the same teams on top. Look how excited everyone is for Ed Carpenters win and I recal similiar excitement and buzz when Alex Taglianni took the pole at Indy.

    I like what is planned for 2012 with a new chassis and different engines.

    Get some real sponsors for the race teams and cater to them during the race by giving those brands lots of exposure. Your announcers never talk about the companies behind the cars who shell out all the money.
    Perhaps let the tobacoo and alchohol companies back in. (I am assuming you dont allow them in) They have huge budgets and would create some interest and passion. Bud guys don’t like Coors guys.

    Finally you need to promote the races better. I always have to research when the races are going to be on TV and then I never see any mention of the race on ESPN Sportscenter or other programs. (Indy 500 being the acception of course)

  33. Susan on October 3, 2011 11:17 pm

    MORE OVALS! I will not buy tickets for a party. I want to watch real racing. I could not get to Kentucky this year because of family illness and I was needed at home. But I will go to every oval next year that I can get to. Assuming there are any. Road/street “races” are nap time for me. OVALS OVALS OVALS

  34. Randy on October 4, 2011 12:24 am

    Thanks Randy for letting us write our opinion about the series. First off the KY race was great, watching two, three cars wide racing and a close finish had me on the edge of my seat.
    I hope the Vegas race is a big hit because i really believe to get this series kicking butt is we need more ovals and if there is more ovals then road course then maybe these car owners will start hiring a few more american drivers. And the fans will show up.
    Can you imagine if we got back all the open wheel drivers we lost like Gordon, Hornish, Danika,Casey K,Newman,T Stewart racing against Helio, Dario, Kannan, ect. . around 10 ovals and 7 road couses. The tracks would be packed full of fans.
    Your doing a great job, just dont let them turn us back into cart, or should i say formula one.

  35. Alan on October 4, 2011 12:25 am

    Damn shame we can’t watch in Australia

  36. albert mackrell on October 4, 2011 1:21 am
    albert mackrell

    My favorite part was when it was over, and that we wont be going back. One 1.5 mile D-shaped oval with 12-14 percent banking is one too many. Open wheel cars look stupid on tracks built to showcase the (lack of) performance of stock cars.

  37. dave g on October 4, 2011 2:25 am
    dave g

    What a fantastic race great win for ed and sfr….get rid of some of these road course races and add more ovals the racing is much better,But we need more backing of the oval tracks and for gods sakes bring back michigan what great and fast track for these cars and drivers.The race yesterday brought back great racing among everyone not just a select few with money,take a look at the the old videos on you tube of the stands from the 70,s-90s the stands were packed,100,000 plus just for pole day and indy,analize yeateryears to see what was so right about indy racing back then.And bring back that energy today.

  38. ron burns on October 4, 2011 2:47 am
    ron burns

    Marketing at IndyCar needs improved. I just happen to stumble on to the IndyLights race on Versus at noon. I stayed on and watched it. Versus/NBC (now) needs to have a few replays during the following week. More exposure is needed. IZOD marketing dept has helped IndyCar but more TV time is needed. Drivers mentioning their sponsors needs to be improved if you want the sponsors to come forward or stay with them. Listen to a NASCAR driver be interviewed, they really promote their sponsors.

  39. Ed harris on October 4, 2011 4:01 am
    Ed harris

    I am a long time fan. I have my reservations for Vegas. My comment is that you waited too long to post the schedule of events for the week. I had to book my air tickets and schedule vacation time about a month ago and didn’t know what the events were going to be. I fly in Friday morning but found out I will miss the Thursday events, especially the parade on the strip. PLEASE post the schedule of events, especially for the big races, well in advance for those of us flying in to the races. Also like others before me, I prefer the ovals for the passing opportunities. This is why I quit watching Formula One. No passing! Bring back the Chicago race. It is the most exciting race on the schedule next to Indy. Keep the races in the USA. If I wanted foreign races I would watch Formula One. Thanks for the chance to give my opinion.

  40. Dan Payton on October 4, 2011 7:44 am
    Dan Payton

    Kentucky race was great, enjoyed every moment of it. What a great way to spend the day with my son. Please keep Kentucky on the schedule (best race of the season, clean side by side, isnt this the type of exciement we want to see?) Move the race to spring time when there is no football going on. It would be a great addition to the KY Derby Festival time of year. Hold it the Sunday after Thunder Over Louisville. Everyone is itching to get outside after the cold winter time…. And the KY Derby Festival draws huge crowds to the area in April… Horse racing and Horse Power….They go hand and hand….The marketing potential would be overwhelming…Sign me up…

  41. Mick Fallon on October 4, 2011 9:56 am
    Mick Fallon

    I was at KY this weekend and yes, while the racing was close and exciting, attendance makes it unsustainable.
    For those complaining about road courses, if you ever get a chance to see these cars at Road America, you would not be sorry at all. Can Belle Isle before it starts and replace it with an ALMS doubleheader at RA!

  42. eddie on October 4, 2011 10:49 am


  43. John Livengood on October 4, 2011 10:58 am
    John Livengood

    The race at Kentucky was the best and most exciting race of the year! I love the IZOD IndyCar Series and want to see it succeed. We MUST keep the schedule at LEAST 50/50 ovals. road courses. I understand the challenges and wish I had a magic answer, but it simply MUST happen.
    Also, the Series must keep teams like SFR and Ed Carpenter. Whatever has to be done should be done to help them secure and /or retain sponsorship. I have written to Dollar General asking them to reconsider.
    Lastly, I watched a PBR event directly after the rebroadcast of the race… and liked the way each participant was featured. IndyCar should present features on the cars, drivers, crew members, etc. Make it personal! Among of the reasons people loved the Kentucky race is the fact that Ed and Sarah, both American short-track racers, are VERY popular with the fans, and deservedly so. They are good people… Congratulations Ed, Sarah, Andy, et al.

  44. Andrew Seipel on October 4, 2011 11:50 am
    Andrew Seipel

    I would like to see Indy Car visit. Homestead, St Pete, Charlotte, Long Beach, Indy, Detriot, Texas, Mid Ohio, Iowa, Sonoma, Chicago, Watkins Glen, New Hampishere, Edmonton, Kansas, Toronto, Phoenix, Birmingham, Atlanta, Road America, Las Vegas, Monterery.

  45. Jerry Cruz on October 4, 2011 11:52 am
    Jerry Cruz

    Great race at Kentucky…that is IndyCar at its best!!! We need more ovals on the schedule. We MUST have a 50/50 schedule with ovals. I’m very, very happy with the win for Ed and Sarah…we need to help them get Dollar General back and see that there is a ROI on IndyCar.

  46. Denny on October 4, 2011 11:57 am

    What a race !! I couldn’t sit down during the last 10 laps!! and today I hardly have any voice left. Now that’s what I call RACING!! Name me even 1 road course that Indycar races at where you’d see a finish like the one in Ky.!! Road and street courses are for old fans who are told not to get “to excited” while watching a race. Do we want to become the “PGA” of racing or the “Breeders Cup” of racing???? I now how I would vote!!!!!

  47. T.C. Burns on October 4, 2011 12:48 pm
    T.C. Burns

    Randy, get rid of Versus and get the races broadcast on Speed or ESPN. I get tired of being forced to sign up for another premium channel everytime IRL changes its mind about making open wheel racing less and less accessable. Where I live, I can not even get a radio broadcast and I am sick and tired of getting NASTYCAR crammed downmy throat. That it for the bad,the good is getting a new car and a variety of power for 2012. However, I would like to see the rules opened up a little more. More innovation, more contructors and more oval races.

  48. Jeff Downer Indianapolis on October 4, 2011 12:52 pm
    Jeff Downer Indianapolis

    Ed Carpenter and Sarah Fisher Racing winning. Hands down the best thing to happen to Indy Car in a long, long time.

  49. JerryM on October 4, 2011 1:23 pm

    The split has caused people to get into the habit of choosing sides, we must as OW fans move past this. I am fortunate enough to be able to go to IC races all over and each of the tracks have their own qualities being road street or ovals. The race in Kentucky was great as was Iowa but so was Baltimore. If the venue is not profitable it does not matter. We as fans look at it as entertainment and loose sight of the fact that this is big business and has to be treated as such. Good venues will come and go based on profit. If the oval folks want more ovals they need to take every friend they have to the race, its up to all of us to help the sport out. I tell evey sponsor I buy from thanks for supporting Indycar.

  50. Mick Fallon on October 4, 2011 2:52 pm
    Mick Fallon

    It does appear that JerryM gets it. Very well said.

  51. Louisville Indy Car Fan on October 4, 2011 3:43 pm
    Louisville Indy Car Fan

    Expand the schedule to 19 races. Keep the 16 Robin Miller reported on Saturday. Add another street race (San Jose) and road course (Portland). The idea would be the net profit gains from those two events could offset the loss from keeping Kentucky / Loudon or adding Chicagoland.

    1. March 25 – St. Petersburg, FL – street course
    2. April 1 – Birmingham, AL – road course
    3. April 15 – Long Beach, CA – street course
    4. April 29 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – street course
    5. May 27 – Indianapolis, IN – oval track
    6. June 3 – Detroit, MI – street course
    7. June 9 – Ft. Worth, TX – oval track (Saturday night doubleheader)
    8. June 24 – Newton, IA – oval track (Saturday night race)
    9. July 8 – Toronto, Canada – street course
    10. July 22 – Edmonton, Canada – street course
    11. August 5 – Lexington, OH – road course
    12. Aug. 26 – Sonoma, Calif. road course
    13. September 2 – Baltimore, MD – street course
    14. September 15 – Fontana, CA – oval track (Sat Night Race)
    15. September 23 – Qingdao, China (street course)
    16. October 13-14 – Las Vegas, NV – oval track

  52. Daniel - Beaver Dam, KY on October 4, 2011 4:08 pm
    Daniel - Beaver Dam, KY

    Kentucky Speedway is the only Indycar event I attend on a yearly basis, and this years race was the best Ive ever seen on any oval! Sure, attendance wasn’t near as good as it has been, but thats a sign of the economic times in this country. How can you get rid of your best tracks (Chicage, Michigan, Phoenix, Kansas, etc) for road/street snoozefests?? Unfortunatly, Kentucky may join that list, which is extremely sad to hear. If thats true, Indycar will never see another dollar of mine again…period. Hopefully, if any higher-up in Indycar has any common sense, they will keep their best “races” on the schedule, or better yet, add more ovals!! Ovals are what brought me to the sport to begin with

  53. Mark on October 4, 2011 4:44 pm

    This is my first post regarding my thoughts on Indycar, but not my last. This is long overdue. First, congrats to Sara Fisher Racing. No team deserves a win based on hard work more than SFR. Yeah, the race was good, but not seeing more than 15,000 in the stands is disheartening. I live in Pittsburgh and stopped switching back and forth between the race and the Steeler game because of the quality of the race. Like others, I don’t believe that more street courses are the way to go. The answer is M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G and P-R-O-M-O-T-I-N-G the ovals. And NOT the highlight of Mike Conway’s wreck at the Speedway. This isn’t Nascar, and you can forward that to the marketing folks. This series has quality racing because of the ability to run inches apart, no fenders, roofs, and WITHOUT contact. Glorifying the wrecks bring this series down to Nascar’s level. The funds are there, we all know it and there has to be a way to get the crowds to the ovals. Spend the money on a top firm, or get some dedicated staff. I will also say, like others, that drastic change is needed in race control. You almost lost a viewer for the rest of the season and permanently with the press conference where you stated that you are behind the current Race Director 100%. No, I’m not bluffing. Others have stated similar. At the very least, you could have stated neutrality. I could probably tell you almost every Indy winner since ‘66 and have been a lifelong OWR fan(atic), but I am on the fence. As frustrated as I am with Indycar, no one would work harder to see it work. I’ll send a resume’ if need be.

  54. Ron Ford on October 4, 2011 4:49 pm
    Ron Ford

    Hi Randy. It was a wonderful moment in IndyCar history when Ed, Sarah, and their crew won Sunday. I loved the wheel to wheel racing that Kentucky and other ovals typically produce. The races at street and most road courses (not Road America) are boring by comparison. Thanks for the feedback opportunity.

  55. Cabo863 on October 4, 2011 5:53 pm

    I would say that ovals bring out more spectators than road course because the spectator can see the whole race, but the attendance numbers at Kansas were terrible. I live close to Infineon near Sonoma and have attended many NASCAR, Indycar, and NHRA events. As a spectator, you can see a lot of the race at Infineon, but with most road courses you only see a small portion of the track. I prefer ovals for viewing. Maybe there is something else going on for the poor attendance at Kansas. It should be looked it to.

  56. Felipe Barrientos on October 4, 2011 6:05 pm
    Felipe Barrientos

    Why cant INDYCAR run practices,qualification and race at the same day in ovals(except indianapolis)?.Or just qualification and race, that could make a longer Race Day and the people that just go to the Race will have more entertainment.

  57. Brant on October 4, 2011 7:51 pm

    Great race this weekend!

    I keep hearing a lot about low ratings for Indycar and I have an idea. To gain popularity we need new fans. I live in San Jose and the local NHL team (the Sharks) has a weekly half hour show called “Shark Byte”. (here is a link http://www.csnbayarea.com/pages/shark_byte ) On it they go behind the scenes with interviews with players or coaches or other members of the staff. They also will also explain rules or strategy’s as well as have demonstrations for them. Now my girlfriend is new to racing so she asks me a lot of questions (I do my best to answer them) but a show like this about Indycar would be great for new fans, like her, and be entertaining for old ones as well.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Robin Miller (or an other announcer) could host a similar show about Indycar on Verses. Maybe once every two weeks (or one for every race week).

    Brian Barnhart could appear in a segment where he could explain a rule, such as “blocking”. And a couple of driver could help demonstrate what you can and can not do on the track.

    In another segment they could have a camera follow one crew member for a day, and show what he/she does before, during, and after a race, and express their thoughts/feeling during the day. The people servicing the cars in the pits and in the garage are major parts of a teams success and I don’t know hardly any of their names.

    A show like this would help fans connect to the people involved in Indycar and it would give new fans someone to root for on raceday. I think this would attract new fans to the series plus I would enjoy watching it too.

    Anyone else posting here, feel free to comment on my idea.

  58. Joe Hall on October 4, 2011 8:18 pm
    Joe Hall

    Someone needs to make sure the Board of Directors understand that Oval Racing is our roots.Figure it out!! I have been to 51 straight Indy 500’s. I have adapted to Street Races and Road Courses, but we all love the ovals.

  59. M.chmurzynski on October 4, 2011 9:28 pm

    Great race at Kentucky. Not like the boring parades on the street courses. Have a 70/30 mix of oval and permanent road courses such as Mid-Ohio and the glen, etc. more street courses = less fans.

  60. Stephen on October 4, 2011 9:40 pm

    Congrats to SFR and Ed on a job well done. Thought I’d leave a comment on ovals vs road/street courses. No matter how many ovals we have on the schedule, I’d like to see as much variety in them as we can get. I’d rather have fewer ovals with more variety between them than too many of the 1.5 mile “cookie cutter” tracks. I understand why its done, but hugging the white line on the bottom of the track all the way around is not my favorite form of racing.

  61. shane on October 4, 2011 10:39 pm

    @ michael raymond Get better seats for Indy, I also started going to Indy when I was 3 (my mom went to Indy in 1969 when she was 9 1/2 months pregnant with me) so Indy is in my blood. Michael, you need to get better seats, I can see over half the track from turn 3, I sit right below rick mears. The seats are awesome, having good seats for indy is a must!
    I like ovals, but am willing to take on the road/street courses that have a design that favors good racing. There must be opportunities for passing. At least 50/50 for me, but I would rather have more ovals, if possible.
    The KY race was great, but why the hell does it start at 3pm on sunday. No wonder people don’t go, my family has been to over 200 Indy 500’s combined, plus several races at other venues. My sister came down from detroit and did not get home until 1am. She would not have even thought about going for a sunday race, other than I came in from CA.
    Also, is there any thought of going to a place like Iowa 2 times in a year. The crowd there was incredible. Also, how long will it take someone to put a camera on Tomas Scheckters car at Indy. He does things at Indy that no other driver has the guts to try. His lap on the restart around lap 156 at Indy is the greatest lap ever run there. He passed on the outside in each corner, like nothing I have seen in the 40 years I have been there. However, it is impossible to find good coverage of it. ABC SUCKS!!! You can see it on youtube on the 2011 indy 500 highlights, it is about 15 minutes long. And you really have to watch carefully, check it out you will be amazed. He must have a wheelbarrow to carry around his testicles.
    Congrats to Ed and SFR, the best Indy race since Little Al beat Scott Goodyear or since that OJ drinking ass&*^& punted Little Al into the wall.
    See you all in Vegas!!

  62. Jeff Sands on October 5, 2011 4:50 am
    Jeff Sands

    I attended the Kentucky race. It was my first Indy Car race, but it won’t be my last. I’m a big Nascar fan and went to see the trucks. What would be super cool is working with Nascar to put an Indy Car race as the precursor to a Cup race on the weekends that the Nationwide is at another track.

    I do have one safety observation that I noticed at the Ky track. On the entrace to pit road there was a light set on the wall that protruded out toward the track. My concern is that if a wreck were to occur at that spot, the light could come in contact with the drivers head if the car collapes as designed. Please consider raising the light up approx 3 to 4 ft….

    I’ll be checking next years schedule and you’ll see my motorhome somewhere at the track I’m sure!

  63. open wheeler on October 5, 2011 2:08 pm
    open wheeler

    Kentucky was another example of great racing on an oval. Unfortunately, as go the ovals so go I.

  64. Mark on October 5, 2011 4:16 pm

    That was a great race. Ovals need to be a part of Indy Car. Personally I think you should bring back the California and Michigan 500’s. My first Indy Car experiences were at the Nazareth, PA track and I have been watching ever since. I have also been to the California 500’s a coupe of times and the view is great. Keep a balance of road/street and ovals unless you are trying to become like Formula One which I hope you are not. Rolling starts only please. At that point I will stop watching and going to the races.

  65. Marky Sharkey on October 5, 2011 8:30 pm
    Marky Sharkey

    To Jeff Sands, I used to think that way also, get Indy car and NASCAR together. Ive resigned myself that it will never happen. A lot of the ovals are either owned by NASCAR or NASCAR enthusiasts. We wont get any help from them. I am anxious to see if Indycar gets any buzz from the racing world with the new car and engine formulas. I think the IIC series is a fantastic series. I will be at Vegas for the finale and I do support the sponsers of Indy car. I love open wheel racin! No I dont think rubin is racin! Im convinced if all the people who loved Indy car would go to one race a year, I mean actually show up, we could fill these venues and get sponsors attention. Let me finish by saying, I buy Izod, I shop at Target and Dollar General, My car has Peak antifreeze and Pennzoil lubrication. I put my money where my heart is! INDYCAR FOREVER!!!!!

  66. Jud on October 5, 2011 9:27 pm

    The 2012 year was a disappointment. More street courses and few ovals so it seems. Except for a couple of races the same winners over and over. When Indy Cars first started it seemed just about anyone could win on any given day. Not so anymore. The price of going to race has gone beyond my pocket book as has the price of satellite and digital TV which is the only way you can get Versus.

  67. Jud on October 5, 2011 9:29 pm

    opps I meant 2011

  68. KBSJGP on October 5, 2011 11:41 pm

    Great Win for SFR and Ed Carpenter. Excellent Finish between Ed and Dario (love the fact that Ed was fist pumping his way to the finish line). Sad to hear that Dollar General will be leaving SFR. Hope it changes their mind as Sarah put it. –> This series needs to have more publicity that doesn’t just focus on IZOD Commercials, Peak Products etc. Yeah we get it Sponsors yada yada. This series needs to focus on the Teams. And I mean all the teams equally. Not the Penskes’, TCGR, AA. Household names stick when the media keeps blaring it over and over and names stick too when the Old Guard in the booth talks a lil trash or give bad comments about a team. Lets focus about Indy Car. What Indy Car will be about for the future. Anyone can read about the USAC/CART/IRL/Champ/ICS past. Shoot Jenkins and Boothmates speak of it highly at every race that is broadcast. The Future Randy, for Indy Car, is the new car, the engines, the competition, and how to gain the fans that all left in the past decade and a half. If other drivers in other series can’t get into the Ultimate Open Wheel event. Indy Car needs to be back in that competitive level it once was. Open the series with 2 Street/Road Courses, 1 Oval to prepare for Indy, then the Indy 500, then 2 more ovals after that, a break, then back to Road/Street Courses then mix it up from there and follow it up with a Grand Finale that has great weather like with the Fontana Raceway or in this case Las Vegas. Last but not least, release the old booth guards and bring in some new talent that can broadcast with some excitement, be informative, knows the cars (especially the new one), the rules etc. Keep RM in the pit lane and color commentator. Cause he’s the only one who can speak the truth and well it does add some color drama. What future were you thinking about when you got this gig Randy?

  69. Ron James on October 6, 2011 12:44 pm
    Ron James

    My son and I attended in KY, and the racing and weather (on Sunday that is!) were first rate.

    We are Indycar fans, and were it not for this race we would never go to this facility even though it is a short drive for us. Unless of course they decided to run some other interesting open wheel cars….

    That said – a couple comments about the track:

    1) We felt the track ruined a Golden Moment to capture the excitement of the fans, Ed Carpenter and Sarah Fisher by delaying the Winner’s Interview for maybe 20 minutes after Ed came in off the track. Instead, we were treated to yet another announcement of ticket availability for the Charlotte Nascar event. Not only could we have frankly cared less about that, we specifically hung around because we wanted to experience the excitement by this young team and driver. We finally left after NOT hearing the live interview and becoming irritated by the continued Nascar advertisement.

    I understand that the track has wanted a NASCAR event for over 10 years, but this is very much analogous to worrying about how to get a date with your secretary when you have a beautiful and loving wife at home.

    LOVE THE ONE YOU”RE WITH – and Sunday, those were the Indycar faithful. This was clearly a popular victory with the fans.

    I hope Indycar can come back here, but then I hope the track does a MUCH better job of promotion. And we think Indycar deserves that!

  70. paulwildridge on October 6, 2011 3:18 pm

    It was a great race but hearing advertising throughout the race for charolette motor speedway was freaking annoying. The track is an awesome place but man talk about horrible customer service. I also thought the crews were really slow at clean up, I went to the truck race the night before and the clean up then was long too. It is a shame that the track is now owned by a big nascar guy. He will never promote indycar there the way it needs to be. Bruten is not a great track owner like everyone says he is.

  71. paulwildridge on October 6, 2011 4:12 pm

    I would love to see belle isle come back. and also why have we not put laguna seca back on the schedule??? And def. bring back michigan and other faster ovals. i am for getting rid of loudon! DO IT!

  72. Pete Loomis on October 6, 2011 5:19 pm
    Pete Loomis

    Shape up the double file restarts. What is the point if only the first three rows maintain double file? Keep the lead car in hi lane and don’t let him start in turn three. Take some lessons from Nascar and get these guys in shape. Double file restarts is a great way to get the field back together to make for side by side racing.

  73. Francesco, Italy on October 7, 2011 6:47 am
    Francesco, Italy

    Even if i think we need to go back to a ratio downforce-power more on the side of the power, causing less side by side action probably, the best part of kentucky race was the final battle. that was great. the worst was a radio communication between rahal and race control telling the driver to don’t go over the white line to don’t get a penalty for blocking. What i say is: let these guys race, i want to see genuine action, not a show totally controlled by race control. Safety is the most important thing but let the drivers make the show. i watch indycar because i love ovals and i’m disgusted by all the politics and the control of the track action by fia in f1, so i want real races. no more blocking rules please. if you watch an indycar race of 10, 15 years ago, it seems another sport. Drivers could really drive the cars. Now everything is controlled. People complains about the lack of passes on the road/street courses. the problem is the tracks layout and you don’t solve it don’t allowing drivers to defend the inside. Why are we coming back to Detroit? It’s totally impossible to pass there. We saw it with both Cart and Irl. Series don’t need these tracks. We need to go back to Road America and Cleveland, great tracks where passing is possible.

  74. Cyndy Riordan on October 7, 2011 10:48 am
    Cyndy Riordan

    My favorite thing was attending the Indycar race at Kentucky Speedway before it gets replaced by another damned street race.

  75. Jim on October 7, 2011 2:03 pm

    Wish I could vote for two “favorites”, because the battle in the final laps and Ed & Sarah’s first win were equally exciting. I’m niether an economist nor a race promoter, but keeping Kentucky on the schedule is IMPERATIVE, as is doing whatever it takes to keep the oval/street-road mix balanced.

  76. Brian Allen on October 8, 2011 1:45 am
    Brian Allen


  77. Mark C on October 8, 2011 7:05 am
    Mark C

    The brick on the gas pedal type of racing has to go. Lifting off the gas and braking need to play an important part in the race. It should be like swinging a steel ball around on a thread, you can swing it hard enough to break the thread but that is not the desired result. You want to swing it just to the breaking point. Throttle control and braking decides whether the thread breaks or not. That is what should determine the race winner.
    Congrats to SFR!

  78. John on October 8, 2011 7:25 am

    The only thing better than Ed’s win will be Brainfart getting fired

  79. Doug Decker on October 8, 2011 9:52 pm
    Doug Decker

    I have followed indy since my first trip there in 1967. I fell in Love with the ovals.The way its going is the only way to watch oval racing will be NASCAR. So look at how good and how much suspense the oval race brought at Kentucky. Great show great win. No ovals no Indy. Just another version of F1. Not for me…..What a shame.

  80. Andy on October 8, 2011 11:42 pm

    The KY race was clearly the best race of the year, because it was actually a RACE! Cars competing closely for the lead position and a close finish is what makes racing exciting and the KY race had that. Randy, I believe the primary reason oval attendance is poor is that the “event” is so short it’s not worth going to. Think about it, 300 mile races on a fast oval only lasts just over 90 minutes. When it takes WAY longer to get in and out of an event than it takes to WATCH it, it’s not very enticing to attend. The 1.5 mile tracks should be 400 mile races, and there should be two other 500 milers on the schedule. The speed restriction needs to go as well. The SPLIT isn’t what has killed attendance, it’s that Indycar is ABOUT SPEED, and after ‘96 when speed increases stopped, attendance began to wane. And the road/street parades killed CART and it will kill the ICS too – those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

  81. Pete on October 9, 2011 9:59 am

    When will these boring side by side, aero lockstep drone-a-thons end? I want to see cars that can actually pass each other, these mile and a half jobs are ghost towns because everybody knows they just run flat the whole time at the same speed therefore no REAL racing. They don’t lift, they don’t shift, they don’t brake that’s not big car racing that’s cadet kart stuff.

  82. rick wampler on October 9, 2011 12:07 pm
    rick wampler

    what a race…….. super exciting to see one of the small struggling teams beat one of the big boys ! Congrates to Ed and Sarah. Two super nice human beings. And congrates to Andy and Sarah on the new family addition. I would like to see more ovals where 2 wide racing is prominant brought back to the series because of the excitement it brings. you can’t get more exciting than what happened at Kentucky. nose to nose the last 10 laps and it was to close to call when they crossed the finish line. I do agree that we need some good road and street courses to increase the fan base. I agree with Carol about Infeneon. I attended the inaugural race but haven’t been back, but I drive to Indianapolis every year for the “500″. ( from Tucson Arizona ) I look forward to the 2012 car with 3 engine options and the opportunity to see different looking car designs will be welcomed. can’t wait to hear what the turbo chargers and different engines will sound like. I sorta fall in line with what Tere stated
    ……… two wide racing with a track full of cars on a track that you can SEE them racing !! we know this is a business so work on getting sponsors who can get behind individual races in their communities to help support the race and fill the stands.If you put on a good show people will come…..no matter what the economy. but whatever you do don’t mess with the Indy 500 anymore………

  83. Jim on October 9, 2011 12:57 pm

    Finally somebody not driving for Penske or Ganassi won a race. This series that we love is not competitive enough. It’s time for other teams to be more competitive.

  84. erbohn on October 9, 2011 4:49 pm

    Sarah and Ed in an oval win. Tired of a two team winning all
    the time. Don’t watch any of of street/road races. Going back to F1 and NASCAR.

  85. erbohn on October 9, 2011 4:54 pm

    Oh and Brian has to go. Get a TV contract for Lights and
    F2000. Alot more fun to watch!

  86. Moore Forever on October 9, 2011 5:58 pm
    Moore Forever

    Usually, I watch many series, IndyCar, Nascar, F1, DTM, and others. (AMLS, Rolex). But I like Indycar. I loved the old Indycar, later Champcar.

    I think the serie is very interesting and the CEO Randy Bernard has made things interesting. Some errors such as the draw for the pole (TEX) because it is not sporty. It could have formed the starting grid for positions in the race 1 or the fastest laps of Race 1 (I like it), that’s sport. Double row as Nascar is good, but regain the lead lap (lucky dog), it would be a bad copy.

    I think that more bad era was the first time of the IRL, with many news U.S.A. drivers only, if look today there are none anywhere. Unsafe cars. It was a very rare idea of Tony George. So I think now the series is in a good way.

    The serie is international. I think the coverage of the TV, is not the most appropriate. Versus has a very good production, but watch it from a country other than USA, it is not easier. There are drivers like Saavedra, those all of Brazil, that they need to get good sponsors in their countries. The series should be very accessible to the public of these countries. I live in Chile and I ask some friends of Brasil about of Indycat but they know more F1.

    Anywhere in the world is easier to watch the F1. It is not problem. I think is more attractive Indycar as spectaculo. For this the TV must be more internacional for better investment of international sponsors. USA maybe will have a economic crisis and then other countires maybe not and then the serie can obtain money from other countries. All the Indycar drivers are very known. It is like a family. That It represents a good production of the TV.

    For 2012, we need a better balance between road and ovals. I like roads, but do not forget the ovals. The last race was very good. It was in a oval.

    I do not know why but the U.S.A. drivers becomes difficult to run in open wheel. This has always been so. In the ranking, Ryan Hunter-Reay is the best but only seventh. So it is important that Indyligth will work hard with more U.S.A. drivers, because it is more attractive for the serie which is based in USA. It is more attractive to fans of this country.

    Try to take the series to Mexico can be a good idea. Also Argentina for Esteban Guerrieri.

    Now the Schedule is very right with about 18 races a year. I am active on weekends and I to be many weekends at home watching races is not very attractive. In fact, I watch Nascar,, the races are very good but I find it very boring to have races every weekend. I prefer skiing or riding a karting that to be at home watching races. I get ready to watch Indycar each date, but if we have many races maybe I will lost some. This year I have watched all races.

    Randy, congratulations, I think that you are doing well. The most honest is to recognize errors or mistakes.

    I read Racer.com It is very good site, but in the post are a couple of guys who always make very negative post about the series. As someone ready to think all bad. And then this post in Indycar.com is good for writing.

    Now, the championship is for two, but Dixon had been so unlucky in some races. We could have had a final for three drivers. That this year was not tipically and I think next year will be fighting for more than three drivers. If Bourdais enter full-time Bourdais can also be the champion. In the road he is good and he is not bad in ovals. Attention to Ganassi and Penske.

  87. Trodaball on October 10, 2011 2:23 am

    The racing at Kentucky was spectacular. So happy for Sarah and Ed Carpenter. I like ovals for the pseed and ability to pass. I like a few road courses in the mix, but 1 or 2 street courses is enough because of the many yellows and lack of passing areas. The sheer number of yellows and the number of laps under yellow is killing racing. I believe it’s why the fan base isn’t much higher. There’s just too much down time.

  88. LGS on October 10, 2011 2:33 pm

    I’ve been convinced Kentucky is a great race since 2006. I loved the Saturday night race because we automatically got a built in rain date if it rained Saturday night. Now that it is on Sunday I didn’t order any tickets because I didn’t want to gamble $300 in tickets and it rain and me have to work Monday. So I waited and bought at the gate. In the weeks leading up to it I knew I could back out if I decided not to go. How many other people thought the same thing and ended up just not going? Move the date back to Saturday for the people who work.

  89. LGS on October 10, 2011 2:37 pm

    Your base is in Indianapolis and slowly you are losing all your oval races within driving distance of Indianapolis. Makes no sense. Nashville, Kansas, Gateway, Chicago, Now I hear Kentucky is in jeopardy next year. Go set in the stands at Kentucky and walk around before the race behind the stands. You’ve got to save that race. Perfect track and 2.5 hrs from Indy.

  90. Chad H on October 15, 2011 9:59 am
    Chad H

    Its pretty simple. We need 1 1/2 mile ovals. They produce the best racing. Chicagoland,Kentucky,Iowa and Las Vegas NEED to be on the schedual. I love this sport but more road courses really tick me off. When Japan said the oval was not ready to run. I was ticked. The oval championship is all I really care about. The road championship is just the Power/Dario show. Which is just as boring as Jimmy Johnson, Red Wings and the Yankees. Ed Carpennters win is what fans want to see. Anybody but Penske and Ganassi!

  91. Sue B Honey on October 15, 2011 6:45 pm
    Sue B Honey

    I just saw the 2012 schedule. It completely, totally bites the big one. All I see is event races and road courses. Zzzzzzzzz.

    First, you give us a crappy TV package. So you know, it prevents me & my family from watching races & following IndyCar. I don’t have $90 each month to throw at cable and premium channels. Maybe you do. I don’t. I doubt most people do. A third tier cable channel, and you wonder why people don’t watch.

    Then you take away online coverage & broadcasting of IndyLights & Quals. In exchange, you give us some some dots that go around on a black screen with a tin-can radio broadcast. You don’t provide quality coverage of your feeder series, of qualifications, of races. And you wonder why people don’t watch.

    On top of that, you slowly take away all the races in a reasonable day’s drive from my home, from your fans’ homes. At least we went to one or two races a year. Next year, maybe we’ll make one. Maybe. And you wonder why people don’t watch.

    You wonder why no one is in the stands. Seriously? I’ve been a fan since the split. All I have to say is suck it Indycar.

  92. Tracy Wilson on October 16, 2011 10:10 pm
    Tracy Wilson

    Re Randy Bernard , Please resign as you have promoted the carnage and destruction in indy car racing rather than making the series where safety is more important . I know alot of folks will disagree but i wanted to voice my opinion . The numerous mistakes and the obvious discontent you have for Brian and his ability to listen to the drivers and make necessary changes in any other business would be justification for your ousting but this was not done , Do us all a favor and help the real fans not just the carnage seekers and go back to the cowboys and buls. Thank you for the opportununity and the forum to voice my opinion as a lifelong indy car fan and hometown resident of indianapolis i am very passionate towards the history and tradition of the race and i have always been proud to share this great spectacle with the world

  93. Thomas N. Huse on October 17, 2011 10:17 am
    Thomas N. Huse

    Sadly apparent how a CEO with no background in this sport has endangered both the sport and the drivers. Time to go, Randy. This is a serious business and you are not a serious manager of a risky situation.


  94. MikeT on October 18, 2011 9:13 pm

    A lot of time money and energy was spent on a one man’s year long campaign for a 11 lap race which:
    1. not only killed a great person, Indy Champion and ambassador for the series; but
    2. did more to kill the Indy Car ratings than anything that came before.
    Mr. Bernard you need to:
    1. Award the 5 million to Susie, Sebastian and Oliver, and
    2. Resign and take Brian Barnhart with you

  95. HT on October 25, 2011 7:25 pm

    Stop the blame game-nobody is to blame-especially in Racing-Drivers know the risk, everytime they strap in. Go to Foxsports on Darrell Waldrips’ take on Racing- He is RIGHT ON RACING. and i agree.

  96. Raymond Wong on November 9, 2011 7:23 am
    Raymond Wong

    I hope the no blocking rule on some wide road course can be
    abandon and other rule which not allow driver to squeeze other off the track should be implement. Because it can make the race become more exciting. Wheel contact is dangerous, but wheel contact should be avoided by driver not the rule. If a driver cause a avoidable collision which cause damage to the other cars, they should be penalize. However, if driver have wheel contact with the others which cause damage to the cars, that mean they are not skillful enough. What i can see is the road course race in indycar are not racing since drivers are only circulating around the course

  97. more ovals on February 4, 2012 2:47 pm
    more ovals

    More ovals. More ovals. 1000 times more ovals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. more ovals on February 4, 2012 2:55 pm
    more ovals

    if I want to watch open wheel cars on a street course I’ll watch f1
    there is nothing more boring than a street race and I watch only a few each year
    pleeeeeeeaaaaaase no more New street races

    would be nice if races on the same days, night racing preferred

  99. Indyman on February 7, 2012 8:56 am

    Where are the ovals in the new season???

    Having been watching Indycar (Cart-IRL) since I was 16yo, it’s sad and disappointing seeing how oval races (the real reason why I always watched Indy) are almost totally disappearing. There is no no desire for me to watch Indycar anymore.

  100. Jim T on September 3, 2012 10:53 pm
    Jim T

    BRING BACK OVAL RACING!! (If I want to watch road course racing, I can watch Formula 1 races!
    Indy Car racing is losing a LOT of fans with their switch away from Oval track events!

  101. Lisette on September 29, 2012 12:41 pm

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    I really hope to see the same high-grade content from you later on as well.

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