Andy Murray wins the Sony Tennis Open.

Miami resident Tony Kanaan accompanied Dario Franchitti to the Sony Tennis Open to watch Andy Murray compete in an early-round match. Franchitti and  Murray — both from Scotland — go way back, but Franchitti had never attended a professional tennis match.

“At the end of the match we went to talk to Murray,” Kanaan recounts.  “It was funny to see Dario learning about tennis.  Had no clue what was going on.  I had to bring him sunscreen and all the stuff that he wasn’t ready for.  He was all sunburned in the end.

“Andy is a great guy.  Had a great game.  It was fun to do something else outside of racing.  It was really nice to see how fast those guys go.  We think we go fast on the racetrack, but when Andy can serve a ball 133 miles an hour, I was pretty impressed.”

Murray went on to win the tournament March 31, defeating David Ferrer in three sets.

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