Dixon’s crew embodies DO:MORE

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“I’m glad it doesn’t mean we stink,” Scott Dixon jokes as he hands out Degree deodorant to members of the Target Chip Ganassi Racing team at the team’s Indianapolis headquarters.

To recognize Dixon and his Ganassi teammates on the team’s 10th Indy car title, Degree Men delivered a congratulatory shipment of deodorant for each member of the team on Oct. 25.

“Target and all their partners, like Degree, support us on the track, but to have some actual product to share with the guys is definitely appreciated by everybody on the team,” Dixon said.

Degree Men deodorant – a Unilever brand – has been a sponsor of Target Chip Ganassi Racing for the past several seasons and wanted to reward Dixon’s series championship, which embodies the brand’s anthem of DO:MORE.

“We really celebrate anybody that pushes themselves to DO:MORE, and Scott and his team are perfect examples of the mind-set ,” said Ryu Yokoi,  brand manager for Degree Men. “We really celebrate with them. They are examples of DO:MORE and always pushing themselves to the limits and Scott was able to do that to win the INDYCAR championship.”

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