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IZOD IndyCar Series  fans will have the opportunity to design the helmet Sarah Fisher will wear in the season finale race at Homestead-Miami Speedway on October 2nd.


Sarah in action at Chicagoland

For the second year in a row, Sarah Fisher and Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) is going pink for the Susan G. Komen foundation.


Perfect weather here in Edmonton today for a race of any kind, especially an IndyCar race. The weather is perfect for race fans as well. Mentioning the fans, Edmonton has some enthusiastic and supportive ones. They have shown up everyday ready for some IndyCar action and sporting their favorite driver’s colors. Being a newbie here at City Centre Raceway I decided to get some insight from the fans. I wanted to know the best places to be, the favored drivers in Edmonton, and how the fans spend their City Centre race day.

Woo hoo, Qualifications!

Fans in Edmonton!

When I asked the fans the way they spent their time at the track most responded with the Paddock. In the Paddock area fans can be up close and personal with the teams, the cars, and even the drivers. It’s a great place to get pictures of your favorite drivers and racing legends like A.J. Foyt and Rick Mears. What fan wouldn’t want to spend time in the Paddock area?

The best place to be at the Edmonton race track? The answer was unanimous, Turn 1 of course. However, this year the stands in Turn 1 have been removed. Most of the fans said Turn 1 holds some of their favorite racing memories and they are sad to see the stands go.

I then put the fans on the spot by asking them if they could have a ride with one driver who would it be and why? The answers varied. Will Power was one answer, simply because he is fast was the reasoning for one fan. Dario Franchitti was another answer, who wouldn’t want to ride with an Indy 500 champion? The answer for most was Danica Patrick. Answering Danica came as no surprise, especially if you were to walk around the City Centre track today. Danica Patrick shirts are every where you turn!

Then a special pair of people caught my eye. The two were sitting in the stands watching the Firestone Indy Lights warm up and looked as if they were great fans. Father and daughter Ben and Kristina were shaded from the sun in their IZOD IndyCar hats that had been autographed by their favorite drivers. I decided to ask their opinion on Edmonton.


Father and Daughter Enjoy Race Day

Favorite part of the Edmonton experience?

The race, of course. Ben and Kristina are big fans of the Indy Lights series too. Turn 1 was always a favorite aspect for the two, and they too were sad to see the stands go.

What driver would you like to see win?

For the Indy Lights Edmonton 100 Kristina and Ben would like to see Dan Clarke take the victory. As for IndyCar, Justin Wilson is who they would like to see in the winner’s circle.

If you could ride with one driver who would it be? Why?

Ben’s answer was Paul Tracy. “Tracy is an aggressive driver,” said Ben. For Kristina it would be Graham Rahal. She has always enjoyed watching him.

The fans were great in Edmonton and they all seemed to be dedicated fans. Every one of them had a reason for coming to Edmonton and returning year after year. My first time in Edmonton was made that much better by the willingness of the fans and I’ll be sure to check out Turn 1.  Edmonton is a great stop on the IndyCar schedule, eh?

For me, Wednesday July 15th was very similar to that of the many auto shows across the globe or the latest Apple gadget presentation. Each provides an impressive display of imagination sparking a long list of questions—followed by a long period of anticipation before the product hits the market.

If you were lucky enough to tune in live on or on the IZOD IndyCar Series Facebook Page you witnessed a strong panel of very qualified members of the ICONIC committee releasing the concept of the Future IndyCar Strategy and the various elements of unique approach to IndyCar racing. If you missed the presentation, be sure to click here to watch the entire event.

For our New Media organization, the execution of the event and the display of the many details of concepts like the “Indy Safety Cell”, Dallara’s involvement in the chassis, open sourced aero kits etc..was rather difficult to grasp considering decisions on the concept were made just hours before the presentation. Regardless of the challenges we’ve provided a list of resources for the fans to check out.

Also, don’t forget to check out the interaction on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’ve uploaded a series of interviews from Officials, ICONIC committee members, Fans and drivers.

So what’s next? With 1.5 seasons in front of us until the new car hits the grid, how are we going to continue dreaming about the future? Hopefully major manufactures, top level teams and aero dynamic specialists begin expressing their interest in the concept.

We at the New Media department aren’t that patient. We are opening the door for our fans to concept and create their version of the “”Your Name Here” IndyCar-Powered by “Your Choice”. Let your imagination run wild! Once we receive your designs, the New Media staff will provide a creative avenue for fans to view other designs and comment on them. In addition to the mass display of designs, we’ll hand pick outstanding concepts and invite you to express your concept right here on the Official IZOD IndyCar Series Blog.

For more information on how to begin designing click here.

1:52p.m.- Q&A session concluded. Thanks for keeping up with the live blog! Check out this page for more information about the new car strategy. (Beth)
1:19 p.m.- The ICONIC members are lined up on the stage about to take questions from the media.


1:11 p.m.- People are starting to trickle out of the Toby.

12:58 p.m.- Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels takes the stage- announces Dallara will build a factory in Speedway, Indiana. Make sure you are following us on Twitter @IndyCarNation to stay up-to-date on all the IZOD IndyCar Series news.
Governor speaks

Mitch Daniels

12:50p.m.- Members of the ICONIC team are talking about the new car strategy.
The hologram spins!

A Hologram of the Dallara

12:45 p.m.- The votes have been tallied! DALLARA!!!
The final vote

The Final Vote

12:20 p.m.- we’re on the front page of livestream. Pretty cool. Tune in now. Visit (Daniel).
Front page of livestream

Front page of livestream

11:55 a.m. - There is real live wasp flying around the historic Marmon Wasp parked outside the entrance to the IMA Deer Zink Pavilion…coincidence?  The Pavilion is also housing many vintage IndyCars…make sure you check it out. Reminder: Toby doors open in less than 5 mins!  What chassis will they pick? Take the poll on IndyCar right now! (Beth)
11:40 a.m.- Twenty minutes until the Toby opens for seating! This place is going to be packed! (Beth)
Looking down

An empty Toby...for now.

11:15 a.m.-  Streaming live video in less than an hour and the parking lot at the IMA is filling up! If you can’t find a space additional parking is provided at the International School located at 4330 North Michigan Road. We will be providing shuttle service to and from the lot to the IMA for the conference. (Beth)

10:48 a.m. – Just saw that the Indianapolis Museum of Art wrote about our big event on their blog. It’s a good read, check it out. (Daniel)

10:42 a.m. – We’re going to be as responsive as possible with new content for our fans. We just uploaded some new images to our Flickr page. Check them out, here. (Daniel)

Vintage Cars #12

At the Indianapolis Museum of Art

10:20 a.m. -We plan on streaming live video of the entire event beginning at Noon. Visit for all the details. Or see you in person. (Daniel)

Live video streaming

Watch it live, starting at Noon

Cool wall graphic

Today's the big day

10:08 a.m. – it’s a beautiful, hot day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We’re less than two hours away from the doors opening at The Toby. We’re working on some online content for you. Stay tuned. (Daniel)


Posted on: July 13, 2010 | Comments(13) | Fans | By: Daniel

On Friday we posted an opportunity for fans to attend to the new car announcement, tomorrow at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. A few hours later, we had over 50 comments. As of right now, we have 138 comments. That’s incredible. You’re incredible.

We’re sending out e-mails to fans today, btw. We hope to see a lot of you tomorrow. If you’re not in the Indy area or can’t attend tomorrow, you can watch live streaming video of this big occasion on The event starts at 12:30 pm ET.

A lot of us at IndyCar have thoroughly enjoyed your comments. It’s reinforced your status as passionate, educated and loyal fans. We’ve loved your comments. We’ve laughed. We’ve forwarded them onto friends and co-workers. It’s been a blast to read them. So a big thank you to everyone.

Here are some of the memorable one’s:

“For the last 35 years just about every decision I’ve made has revolved around Indy car racing. Every vacation day was used on a race weekend. All financial decisions were made so I’d have enough money for the next race. I’ve watched the old change into the new without missing a beat.”

“Our son’s named Indy….fans?? Hell yes!”

“I have been to IMS every since 1965 when I attended my first pole day! I am very excited at the direction that IndyCar is heading … and the new car design will be a huge step in accomplishing the long term goal of returning the excitement of IndyCar racing to prominense in the eyes of everyone!!”

“I want to go because…..I BLEED ETHANOL!!!!!”

“I have not missed a race since 72. I have dogs named rutherford and ruby.”

“When does the IMA lot open? Do they have any rules against tailgating? I will be the bald guy in a bowling shirt cooking brats and trying to update my twitter account whilst not dropping my phone onto the coals.”

“I can’t think of a single reason to attend. The IRL is a failed “Vision”. A new car is simply a fresh coat of paint on an outhouse. In the end, it still stinks…” (OUCH)

“The Top Ten Reasons You Should Pick Me:
10. I was conceived in the Snake Pit” (YOU CAN GO TO THE COMMENT FIELD TO READ THE REST :) )

“I have absolutely nothing to do on Wednesday and I will even promise to dress nice.”

Innovative, ( I came up with a clever way to comment)
Competitive, (My plan is to win a ticket to the confrence)
Open-Wheel, (I could ride my motorcycle, no fenders)
New, (I will walk through the new 100 acre exhibit )
Industry-Relevant, (I am a consumer, Male 34 years old)
Cost-Effective, (the ticket may be free but the experience would be Priceless!)”

“My wish was for my daughter’s wedding was a black and white checkered carpet runner, and to wave little checkered flags when they left the church. (didn’t happen).”

“I have two pets, one is named Indy, and the other is named Danica (Believe me she has the attitude to match!).”

And there are 100’s more. Thank you again for taking time to tell us what you think. Here’s to a good day tomorrow.

New Car announcement and YOU

Posted on: July 9, 2010 | Comments(157) | Fans | By: Daniel

This upcoming Wednesday (7/14 – 12:30pm) at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in The Toby, the IZOD IndyCar Series will announce the future car strategy. It’s a huge event!

What do you have planned that day?

Future Car Strategy Announcement

We want you!

IZOD IndyCar Drivers, Team Owners, VIP’s and media will all be in the crowd.  We will be streaming live video directly to We’ll also be Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and live blogging. We want to give our fans complete access.

We’ve even reserved a select number of seats for you. Interested?

If you are, it’s easy.

Leave us a comment on this post. Tell us why you want to attend the announcement or why you love the IZOD IndyCar Series.

We’ll pick the best, most creative, witty, funny, impassioned, persuasive comments as winners. It’s that easy.

Tell your friends, have fun with this, and stay tuned. Hope to see you next Wednesday.

Fine print stuff – Please use your real name, and please list your e-mail address in the comment field (this will not be published, but will allow us to contact you).