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When you win an  IZOD IndyCar Series Contest, we dig deeper! Actually, we just request that the recipient take a photo with their new gear and send it to us- Nothing creepy, we just want to make sure our winners are happy. We also want to feature them on our website and Flickr account, because let’s face it- race fans are passionate people and we like to give appreciation when appreciation is due! Today we are featuring two of our contest winners, Courtney Braden and Rudi Womack:

Courtney Braden may not know this, but she was the first contest winner since we began “Contest Wednesdays” back in June.  She won a RT contest on Twitter (@IndyCarNation) by being the 50th person to retweet our message- pretty cool, so a big thanks to Courtney for being our guinea pig!

Contest winner: Courtney Braden

Courtney with her IZOD IndyCar Series Prizes

Another winner was Rudi Womack who sent us a few photos after he won a contest we ran with GCI Canada for a Hot Wheels prize bag! This Facebook contest was pretty unique, because fans were asked to share their favorite memories with Hot Wheels and then the three best/most “liked” comments won driver signed (Alex Tagliani) Hot Wheels prize bags!

Contest winner: Rudi Womack

Rudi showing off some of his Hot Wheels gear!

Just in case you were curious, Rudi’s winning comment was:  “I remember when I was a kid I buried a box of Hot Wheels in my backyard. I made a map and hid it in my room. Years later my family moved away and I forgot all about the buried box. When I started packing for college I found the map, traveled back to my old house, and knocked on the door. I told the new owners my story and they let me search for it. Sure enough I found my old cars!” AWESOME!

These are just two race fans that have won our weekly contests, so you could be next! Just tune in on Wednesdays, either on Twitter or Facebook- and it never fails- a contest will be there! HINT: I’d check out our Twitter if I were you! GOOD LUCK

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