Should IndyCar Garage Rep for Fans at the Virtual Indy 500?

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We’re asking fans to help decide which web writers will rep best at this year’s Virtual Indy 500 competition (Read more about the competition here). Any web writer ready to stake their claim will be put in front of our esteemed panel of sharp, clever, witty and good-looking judges (A.K.A. – you!).

So take a look at this entrant and leave your comments and likes here or hit us @INDYCAR with a tweet if you think IndyCar Garage will provide fans with the best Virtual Indy 500 coverage this May and keep your eyes peeled for information on how fans can win a seat to race against up to three INDYCAR drivers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next month!

IndyCar Garage | Website | Twitter | Facebook “The Place for all IndyCar fans.”

IndyCar Garage provides a unique opportunity in social media for INDYCAR fans to interact with other INDYCAR fans. Started just after unification in 2008, IndyCar Garage has grown into a destination for fans to become members and enjoy the sport of INDYCAR racing. Memberships at IndyCar Garage are free with an email address.  Included in the many features of IndyCar Garage  are the IndyCar Garage featured blog and forum discussion page where all the latest INDYCAR topics are posted and debated, members receive notification of new forum topics and blogs by moderator Tyler Carmichael.  Check out some of the major forum topics below:

IndyCar Triple Crown coming back?

The Aero Kit delay? Good or  bad?

IndyCar Garage Weekly is a 30 minute radio show streamed live, among the guests featured on IndyCar Garage Weekly include INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard, John Andretti, Lindy Thackston, IMS PR Director Doug Boles, Wade Cunningham, Bryan Clauson, Katherine Legge, Shannon McIntosh, Zach Veach, Spencer Pigot, and Sage Karam.

As a member at the IndyCar Garage, you can upload photos, customize your own garage page, and become friends with other members of IndyCar Garage. With over 800 members of IndyCar Garage, there are several INDYCAR fans to engage with.  Some of the featured members on IndyCar Garage are VERSUS Pit Reporter and TV personality Lindy Thackston, Andretti Autosport Star Mazda driver Sage Karam, and some of the most passionate INDYCAR fans on the planet.

IndyCar Garage also has partnership with, where they have guest blogged, and also have content featured on the forum page. If you don’t vote for IndyCar Garage for the virtual Indy500 , we encourage you to vote for our partners over at OpenPaddock.

To conclude, IndyCar Garage would love to have your vote for the Virtual Indy500 , and we encourage you to check out our site at  The topics and opinions on IndyCar Garage are very constructive and positive about INDYCAR and we strive to enjoy the best sport in the world, INDYCAR Racing.

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