Verizon IndyCar Series Driver James Hinchcliffe keeps it simple as the honorary chairman for rev party on May 7

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One of the fastest drivers in the world, Verizon IndyCar Series driver James Hinchcliffe is used to piloting his super-high-tech machine at more than 200 miles per hour.

But when he steps out of the No. 5 Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Honda, Hinchcliffe’s tastes simplify.

That was apparent this week when Rev party organizers asked celebrity chef Vic “Vegas” Moea to create a dish to be served in the driver’s honor at their May 7 event, which kicks off the month of May at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Moea looked to Hinchcliffe for guidance and got bottles of ketchup and hot sauce, meatloaf, potato chips and, of course, cans of Hinchtown Hammerdown, the signature beer Flat 12 Bierwerks brews for Hinchcliffe, as inspiration.

Celebrity Chef Vic "Vegas" Moea is making meatloaf spring rolls for Rev on May 7 in honor Verizon IndyCar Series driver James Hinchcliffe , the party's driver chairman.

Celebrity Chef Vic “Vegas” Moea is making meatloaf spring rolls with bacon, beer and cheese dipping sauce for Rev on May 7 in honor Verizon IndyCar Series driver James Hinchcliffe, the party’s driver chairman.

“He likes comfort food,” observed Moea, who appears on Spike TV’s reality series “Bar Rescue,” was a “Food Network Star” Season 7 finalist and has attended Rev from its inception at IMS in 2014.

Tickets for Rev, which supports Indiana University Health statewide trauma programs, went on sale this week at Moea came to town to help promote the event, which is also being highlighted this month by Indianapolis Monthly magazine as the best “Not So under the Radar Party” in town.

Moea, who lives in Las Vegas, had an eventful couple days stopping at Indianapolis restaurants and hanging out with Hinchcliffe, who will be Rev’s honorary chairman in May.

He attended the Indianapolis Colts game Sunday and stopped by IMS with Hinchcliffe on Monday. Then Moea visited some of the city’s best restaurants while considering what he will make for Rev party-goers. It’s a Rev tradition to have Moea and the event’s other chefs, who represent restaurants across Indianapolis, create driver-inspired dishes to serve to guests.

The tour of Indianapolis worked. By the time Hinchcliffe and Moea appeared at a women’s tea event as Rev ticket sales began Tuesday, Moea had a dish in mind: meatloaf spring rolls.

“We will have potato chips in the breading, so you will have your potato chips and your meatloaf covered for the inside of the spring roll,” he said. “We’re going to fry the crispy spring roll and we’re going to make two sauces.”

The first sauce is to be spicy hot sauce ketchup aioli and the second incorporates the Hammerdown beer.

“We’re going to take some of James’ personal beer, right from Hinchtown and Flat12, and we’re going to make a bacon, beer and cheese dip for that spring roll,” said Moea. “So we’re going to cover all the bases in one delicious bite, take care of James and all of our supporters who are coming to Rev.”

The annual event, which brings more than 2,000 to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in early May, features  Verizon IndyCar Series drivers who will race in the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis and the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. Funds raised through Methodist Health Foundation are used at the IU Health Emergency Medical Center of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hinchcliffe was chosen for this year’s honorary chairman because he was treated by the hospital’s doctors after he suffered a life-threatening injury in May 2015.

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