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May traditions…

Posted on: May 11, 2010 | Comments(33) | Indy 500 | By: Dave

Naturally, after almost a century, there are numerous Month of May traditions – instituted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, implemented by clubs and groups and those personal remembrances that make the Indianapolis 500 so endearing and enduring. Indy Racing League vice president of public relations Steve Shunck talks about his yearly treasure hunt:

Some treasures from The Mail Room

Some treasures from The Mail Room

It’s hard to know where to begin. There’s “Back Home Again in Indiana” sung by Jim Nabors, the Gordon Pipers, Pole Day, Bump Day, Carb Day, the “500” Festival Parade, Front Row Parties, Last Row Parties, seeing old friends, getting Long’s Donuts before the sun rises, dinner with pals at Mo’s Steakhouse or just sitting in a favorite section or seat during practice or qualifying.

But I know my month of May officially begins when I do one thing – make my annual trip to The Mail Room, which sells “500” racing collectables at 5230 West 16th St. (the corner of 16th and Lynhurst).   My annual pilgrimage there waves the green flag on all other activities for the month.