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You may have noticed a lot more online activity from IndyCar this season. We’ve launched a new IndyCar site, kept up on Facebook, continued pumping out videos, became more active on Twitter, jumped into the image world of Flickr and we’ve been blogging, blogging, blogging.

It’s the beginning of us shaping a new online experience for our fans and providing more in-depth access to IndyCar – a sport we obviously love. And yesterday, our friends at nomee launched an IZOD IndyCar Series iPad app. Pretty cool (This link, will take you directly to the iTunes store).

Part of our new online effort involves working more closely with our partners to create richer opportunities for our fans, develop clear online strategies and honestly, work with/learn from/and support our great team sponsors, like Go Daddy.

Danica of course...

Go Daddy in action


[ADMIN NOTE: A couple of weeks ago, prior to the race in Kansas, we solicited questions from our fans on Facebook for an interview we were preparing with Indy Racing League CEO, Randy Bernard. We received around 100 questions and from those, grabbed a handful. The following video is Randy responding to your questions. Please let us know what you think, because we plan on continuing this video series throughout the season. And, feel free to add your questions as comments in this post. Enjoy.]