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Magnum Gives Back

Posted on: August 31, 2010 | Comments (0) | Contests, New Media, Sponsors | By: Admin

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Recently, we joined up with Magnum Boots USA and ran a Twitter contest to give-away a complimentary pair or boots. Why? Well, we love our fans and we love our sponsors so we figured we better introduce the two…so, kind of like a blind date, but with a prize!

For those of you who don’t know, Magnum, is the sponsor of the IndyCar Series safety and security teams and supports the #4 National Guard car driven by Dan Wheldon. Here is a picture of a pair in action:

Magnum Boots

Magnum Boots in Action

In addition to giving an IndyCar Series fan a cool new pair of boots, Magnum has also found other ways to give back to the community. During various retail promotions, they donate $2 for every pair of boots sold to the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program. The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is an intervention programs dedicated to helping at-risk youth have a better tomorrow. Magnum has already donated approximately $20,000 to this non-profit organization – Pretty amazing!

Magnum is just one of our sponsors that is making a difference in the community and in racing. We hope to have more installments like this one, that highlight our relationship with our fans and our sponsors. We also plan on having another give-away contest soon. Good luck! And you should probably follow us both on Twitter:

IZOD IndyCar Series: @IndyCarNation

Magnum: @MagnumBootsUSA

IZOD IndyCar Series  fans will have the opportunity to design the helmet Sarah Fisher will wear in the season finale race at Homestead-Miami Speedway on October 2nd.


Sarah in action at Chicagoland

For the second year in a row, Sarah Fisher and Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) is going pink for the Susan G. Komen foundation.


Enhancing the fan experience is the goal, and Verizon is delivering with its IndyCar Mobile app that was launched Aug. 19 – just in time for the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma – for the Android platform that includes all Android devices.

You can check out Will Power

Check out your fave drivers, like Will Power

Incorporating social media functions Twitter and Facebook, news and video, the IndyCar Mobile app brings all the action of race weekends to fans — whether they’re in the grandstands or vicariously at the racetrack.

The IZOD IndyCar Series app for the Android platform is part of Verizon’s relationship with the IZOD IndyCar Series, and enhancements, including real-time timing and scoring will be added through the 2010 season.

Get details about app, including how to download, and about Verizon’s Android by logging on to on an Android phone version 1.6 or newer.

Life with Trophy Girl

Posted on: August 3, 2010 | Comments(9) | (L)IZOD | By: Admin

IZOD wouldn’t be IZOD ifIZOD Trophy Girl 1 there wasn’t a model involved, right? Personally, I might have preferred Mark Wahlberg in his CK undies, but Cameron has definitely been a welcome sight to the fans this year.

The role of IZOD Trophy Girl was born at the first race in Brazil. We found a gal. And then an interpreter. It did not go well. Our trophy chick, while gorgeous, was a little more interested in taking pictures of drivers than doing her job. So, onward to St. Pete, where Miss Cameron was cast and the adventures begin.

For most fans, you’ve seen her on TV skillfully placed behind a driver during a post-race interview or hanging out in podium photos. Is it too much? Is it too “Where’s Waldo?” Possibly…but maybe you’ve noticed the Sprint Cup girls have picked up a few Cameron’isms in Victory Circle these days.

I’ve definitely had a variety of roles this season, but the role of pseudo-security guarIZOD Trophy Girl 2d is the most comical. From red carpet police to Wahlberg’s 500 escort, I’ve already had my fair share hands-in-faces (both giving and receiving). When serving as escort, getting Cameron from one location to another is always a circus. I certainly try to be nice, but if you’re grabbing her through a fence, or yelling, gawking or hovering in excess, then momma bear kicks in. Cameron calls it “assertiveness.” Ha! My description starts with a big ole “B.”

In addition to competing for face time with the Firestone Firehawk, she’s there to be in your photos and ham it up for tIZOD Trophy Girl 3he crowd. Wearing a firesuit and walking around a racetrack can be darn confusing to people. Early in the season, she was sometimes Danica, often Ana, and (still) almost always Milka. While we zoom through crowds in a golf cart, fans yell “Good luck, today!” as if she’s driving in the race. With a smile and wave, Cameron gives a cheerful, “thank you!” and we roll on towards our destination.

In between marathon meetings and credential duty, my race-day time with Cameron is a fun little break. Maybe I can be seen in fan pictures on random Facebook pages…but just half of me, off to the side, arms crossed, most likely staring at a phone. Tracked out in my red and white uniform (like Waldo), windblown and sunburnt, [L]IZOD looks pretty weary (and short) next to the tall, dazzling, lipglossed lady in the IZOD firesuit.

Click here to see all the designs.

Its great to see the designs pouring in from the fans.  Each artist so far has concept-ed different designs which is what the new concept is all about.  As many of the readers have noticed, inspiration for designs are coming from all types of racing vehicles; Formula 1, past IndyCars…as well as new ideas which will shape the future of IndyCar racing.  My next challenge for all of the contributers would be to consider the different wing packages which will be necessary for oval, road, street and short oval circuits.

Our next design comes from Tyler Tucker.  Here’s Tyler’s comments about his designs.

“This design is a mix of old and new.  The rear wing has the F1 look to it to where it is tall and skinny.  The side pods are more traditional aside from the winglets designed to create an extra bit of downforce.”

If you’ve missed the other designs click here.

{Admin Note} With all of the excitement——and questions around the Future IndyCar Concept Announcement. We at thought we’d enlist our users to have fun with the open design concept that the 2012 IndyCarchassis will endorse.  For more information please visit the page for interviews, car information and of course…the details on how you can design your own concept.

Drum roll please………………

We’d like to introduce you to the  dansanfy 13!  Our second submission comes from Daniele Sanfilippo in Italy.  What are you thoughts?  Would you like to see more?

dansanfy 13

dansanfy 13

{Admin Note} With all of the excitement——and questions around the Future IndyCar Concept Announcement. We at thought we’d enlist our users to have fun with the open design concept that the 2012 IndyCar chassis will endorse.  For more information please visit the page for interviews, car information and of course…the details on how you can design your own concept.

For me, Wednesday July 15th was very similar to that of the many auto shows across the globe or the latest Apple gadget presentation. Each provides an impressive display of imagination sparking a long list of questions—followed by a long period of anticipation before the product hits the market.

If you were lucky enough to tune in live on or on the IZOD IndyCar Series Facebook Page you witnessed a strong panel of very qualified members of the ICONIC committee releasing the concept of the Future IndyCar Strategy and the various elements of unique approach to IndyCar racing. If you missed the presentation, be sure to click here to watch the entire event.

For our New Media organization, the execution of the event and the display of the many details of concepts like the “Indy Safety Cell”, Dallara’s involvement in the chassis, open sourced aero kits etc..was rather difficult to grasp considering decisions on the concept were made just hours before the presentation. Regardless of the challenges we’ve provided a list of resources for the fans to check out.

Also, don’t forget to check out the interaction on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’ve uploaded a series of interviews from Officials, ICONIC committee members, Fans and drivers.

So what’s next? With 1.5 seasons in front of us until the new car hits the grid, how are we going to continue dreaming about the future? Hopefully major manufactures, top level teams and aero dynamic specialists begin expressing their interest in the concept.

We at the New Media department aren’t that patient. We are opening the door for our fans to concept and create their version of the “”Your Name Here” IndyCar-Powered by “Your Choice”. Let your imagination run wild! Once we receive your designs, the New Media staff will provide a creative avenue for fans to view other designs and comment on them. In addition to the mass display of designs, we’ll hand pick outstanding concepts and invite you to express your concept right here on the Official IZOD IndyCar Series Blog.

For more information on how to begin designing click here.


Posted on: July 13, 2010 | Comments(13) | Fans | By: Daniel

On Friday we posted an opportunity for fans to attend to the new car announcement, tomorrow at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. A few hours later, we had over 50 comments. As of right now, we have 138 comments. That’s incredible. You’re incredible.

We’re sending out e-mails to fans today, btw. We hope to see a lot of you tomorrow. If you’re not in the Indy area or can’t attend tomorrow, you can watch live streaming video of this big occasion on The event starts at 12:30 pm ET.

A lot of us at IndyCar have thoroughly enjoyed your comments. It’s reinforced your status as passionate, educated and loyal fans. We’ve loved your comments. We’ve laughed. We’ve forwarded them onto friends and co-workers. It’s been a blast to read them. So a big thank you to everyone.

Here are some of the memorable one’s:

“For the last 35 years just about every decision I’ve made has revolved around Indy car racing. Every vacation day was used on a race weekend. All financial decisions were made so I’d have enough money for the next race. I’ve watched the old change into the new without missing a beat.”

“Our son’s named Indy….fans?? Hell yes!”

“I have been to IMS every since 1965 when I attended my first pole day! I am very excited at the direction that IndyCar is heading … and the new car design will be a huge step in accomplishing the long term goal of returning the excitement of IndyCar racing to prominense in the eyes of everyone!!”

“I want to go because…..I BLEED ETHANOL!!!!!”

“I have not missed a race since 72. I have dogs named rutherford and ruby.”

“When does the IMA lot open? Do they have any rules against tailgating? I will be the bald guy in a bowling shirt cooking brats and trying to update my twitter account whilst not dropping my phone onto the coals.”

“I can’t think of a single reason to attend. The IRL is a failed “Vision”. A new car is simply a fresh coat of paint on an outhouse. In the end, it still stinks…” (OUCH)

“The Top Ten Reasons You Should Pick Me:
10. I was conceived in the Snake Pit” (YOU CAN GO TO THE COMMENT FIELD TO READ THE REST :) )

“I have absolutely nothing to do on Wednesday and I will even promise to dress nice.”

Innovative, ( I came up with a clever way to comment)
Competitive, (My plan is to win a ticket to the confrence)
Open-Wheel, (I could ride my motorcycle, no fenders)
New, (I will walk through the new 100 acre exhibit )
Industry-Relevant, (I am a consumer, Male 34 years old)
Cost-Effective, (the ticket may be free but the experience would be Priceless!)”

“My wish was for my daughter’s wedding was a black and white checkered carpet runner, and to wave little checkered flags when they left the church. (didn’t happen).”

“I have two pets, one is named Indy, and the other is named Danica (Believe me she has the attitude to match!).”

And there are 100’s more. Thank you again for taking time to tell us what you think. Here’s to a good day tomorrow.

Follow Us

Posted on: July 9, 2010 | Comments (1) | New Media | By: Daniel

Most of you do – and we’re really thankful for that. One thing I’ve noticed about IndyCar fans is that they’re passionate, vocal, knowledgeable and hungry for good online content. We’re trying to do a much better job with the online experience we offer.

There’s a section on the IndyCar website called Follow Us. Not sure if you’ve seen it or not. It’s a listing of all things digital. Intrigued? Check it.

It covers all the basics. You’ve watched our videos on YouTube. You’re likely a fan or ‘liker’ on Facebook. And hopefully you’ve participated in some of our contests through Twitter.

We’ve pushed really hard on Flickr this season, to give you behind-the-scenes access to all of the IZOD IndyCar Series races and events. Here’s one of my favorites.

Sandwich on a helmet

Yep, a sandwich on the helmet


IndyCar Fans Unite

Posted on: July 1, 2010 | Comments(2) | New Media, Race Tracks | By: Admin

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with an IndyCar race? Red, white and blue, New York and a blur of IndyCars racing around Watkins Glen– Sign me up! And what better way to celebrate our fans than by giving away cool IndyCar stuff?

Happy Fourth of July Race Fans

What you may already know (especially if you are reading this blog) is that the new media department has been trying to keep our fans online experience nothing short of legendary.

What you may not know is that we have amped up our social media interaction by running give-away contests. That means, every week for the past month we have given away an exclusive race fan prize pack via our Twitter ReTweet (RT) contest.

Past winner's comment!

Past winner's comment!

We want you to win something! Just RT the special contest tweet posted by @IndyCarNation and if you happen to be the 50th RT then you win! Simple, easy, FANtastic. I’ll even give you a hint: we usually run the contest on Wednesdays so keep your tweepers peeled for the special contest tweet.

More things you may not know: Did you know NASCAR has more fans than IndyCar on Facebook? They also have more followers on Twitter! Not knocking on NASCAR but I’d like to think the IndyCar Series has a similarly large, if not larger fan base! We want all of your fans to be represented so check us out on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here.

Patriotic Fans

These social sites enable us to give you brand spanking new photos, videos, blogs, driver /team information, news and most importantly feedback! Ask us a question or tell us what is on your mind.  Look forward to interacting with you! Shout out to @jscott_grtv for winning the RT contest yesterday- Congrats!