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If you’ve eaten at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Staples Center in Los Angeles, Churchill Downs in Louisville and a lot of other arenas and ballparks in between, you’ve already had dishes created by the chefs of Levy Restaurants.

That’s because, Levy, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s newest food provider, has been feeding hungry — and discerning — sports fans for years. But the Chicago-based company, which has been operating since 1978, isn’t interested only in filling stomachs. Its chefs try to make trips to concession stands culinary experiences rather than a simple stops for hotdogs and fries.

At IMS this year, race fans can choose from a menu that includes a barbecue brisket dog  (smoked brisket, fried onions and spicy barbecue sauce over a hot dog),  garlic Parmesan fries  and Indiana sweet corn (covered in spicy chili mayo and grated Parmesan cheese with a lime on the side). There are signature cocktail options, too, and even breakfast: salsa verde, sweet potato hash and cilantro queso fresco topped with a fried egg. (Yes, all of those ingredients are in one dish.)

“It’s nice and filling and gets your day started,” said Jason McGraw, executive chef with Levy. “It’s a whole other experience and it’s great raceway fare.”

McGraw was offering taste tests of the new concessions at IMS on Wednesday.

Ingredients for the new menu, which also includes fancy versions of burgers and tenderloins, come from local producers, said McGraw.

“The Indianapolis Motor Speedway likes to be part of the community,” he said.

Other inspiration for the dishes is the iconic nature of the track.

“This is a very prestigious sporting venue with a very rich history,” said McGraw. “We wanted to take…track food and make it more of a high end championship racing food. So we’ve taken some standard fare and given it new twists. We’ve taken some old favorites and and kicked them up a notch. And then we’ve  just flat out thrown the rules out the window for some new things.”