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Hello my name is INDYCAR

Posted on: January 11, 2011 | Comments(6) | Random | By: Admin

Hello, my name is...

INDYCAR nametag

Remember the fat kid in junior high that wore sweat pants all the time? The one that carried a Trapper Keeper stuffed full of very organized (and totally awesome) abstract art folders? Imagine if that kid’s name was really unique and rhymed with an orifice located at the very end of the digestive system. Hi. I’m Amos. I’m that kid.

Names are important. In some cases, names are exchanged before a hand is shaken. Fair or not, sometimes lacking all context, a name can be the first impression.

Imagine we just met (which we did). Your friend knows my wife whose cousin played soccer with your college roommate and we’ve gotten together at your favorite local establishment for a beverage.

“Hi, I’m Amos.”

“Hello. I’m John. Synthia mentioned you work in racing.”

“I do. I work for the Indy Racing League.”

“The what league?”

“The Indy Racing League. You know…INDYCAR.”

“Oh! Yeah, yeah. Like the Indy 500?”


Why not get straight to the point? Why not just call this operation INDYCAR? Why go with a first, middle and last name when you can go with just your first name? Mario. Coco. Prince. Oprah. They all worked it out. So — INDYCAR it shall be.

Do not fret Indy Racing League fans of yesteryear. It’s still us. We’re just a bit more fit (likely from turning left AND right now) and more prone to carrying iPads now. Yet still the fastest, most versatile athletes and race cars in the world!

INDYCAR and a new logo

Posted on: January 9, 2011 | Comments(8) | Random | By: Dave

It’s no secret that the sanctioning body of the IZOD IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights is changing its name to INDYCAR (yes, all caps, but it isn’t an acronym) from the Indy Racing League.

“As I was talking to fans through the course of last season, I realized that we needed to make a name change to reflect the history and heritage of our sport,” said Randy Bernard, CEO of INDYCAR.  “The INDYCAR name has more world-wide recognition and is in-line with our positioning as the fastest, most versatile racing and drivers in the world.”

The formal announcement will come Tuesday, Jan. 11, during the State of INDYCAR program in Indianapolis. Drivers — plus team, sponsor, racetrack representatives – will hear from INDYCAR principals about the momentum of the series, some tweaks to the competition side and a few surprise announcements.

Revisiting the name change, one unveiling will be the new logo for the sanctioning body. Stay tuned.

New INDYCAR logo?

Not quite ready to unveil