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For me, Wednesday July 15th was very similar to that of the many auto shows across the globe or the latest Apple gadget presentation. Each provides an impressive display of imagination sparking a long list of questions—followed by a long period of anticipation before the product hits the market.

If you were lucky enough to tune in live on or on the IZOD IndyCar Series Facebook Page you witnessed a strong panel of very qualified members of the ICONIC committee releasing the concept of the Future IndyCar Strategy and the various elements of unique approach to IndyCar racing. If you missed the presentation, be sure to click here to watch the entire event.

For our New Media organization, the execution of the event and the display of the many details of concepts like the “Indy Safety Cell”, Dallara’s involvement in the chassis, open sourced aero kits etc..was rather difficult to grasp considering decisions on the concept were made just hours before the presentation. Regardless of the challenges we’ve provided a list of resources for the fans to check out.

Also, don’t forget to check out the interaction on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’ve uploaded a series of interviews from Officials, ICONIC committee members, Fans and drivers.

So what’s next? With 1.5 seasons in front of us until the new car hits the grid, how are we going to continue dreaming about the future? Hopefully major manufactures, top level teams and aero dynamic specialists begin expressing their interest in the concept.

We at the New Media department aren’t that patient. We are opening the door for our fans to concept and create their version of the “”Your Name Here” IndyCar-Powered by “Your Choice”. Let your imagination run wild! Once we receive your designs, the New Media staff will provide a creative avenue for fans to view other designs and comment on them. In addition to the mass display of designs, we’ll hand pick outstanding concepts and invite you to express your concept right here on the Official IZOD IndyCar Series Blog.

For more information on how to begin designing click here.