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The day I couldn’t stop smiling

Posted on: May 21, 2010 | Comments (0) | (L)IZOD | By: Admin

Growing up in Indy, oval races were really all I knew. When I’d watch an F1 or road course race, I used to wonder what the big deal was. Why would anyone ever WANT to slow down in order to make all of those turns? Although I do appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the street and road course races, my heart lies with the ovals.

Liza and the two-seater

So, what better way to celebrate the love with my first two-seater ride on the oval of Kansas Speedway. Not gonna lie, I was nervous for an entire week, but mostly excited out of my mind. Because IZOD does so many projects and promotions with the fabu team at the Indy Racing Experience (creators of the 2-seater experience), I’ve become good friends with this entertaining cast of characters. You’d think this would be comforting to a rookie rider, but all I thought about was how they’d make fun of my helmet head.