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One of the most recognized icons of the Speedway has to be Tom Carnegie. The iconic voice is as much a part of the speedway as the bricks themselves. His smile and his infamous voice are so full of life, that as a photographer, you cannot help but want to try and capture it. I was fortunate to catch Tom during an autograph session on Fast Friday, however it was not an autograph I was after, but a moment instead. Compositionally, as I peered through my viewfinder, I decided to crop Tom’s face in half  to better focus on the wonderful character  and characteristics Tom’s face offers. It is only one of a thousand wonderful shots IndyCar has to offer on Flickr now.

The legend

The Legend - Tom Carnegie

Photo info: f/5.6 at1/500 with a 70-200 lens.

I just haven’t been able to put down my new lensbaby! I love playing with the sweetspot that is created by the lens. It’s a great tool to help guide viewers through your compositions. I am often taken by the peeled back eyelids and look of concentration so many drivers exhibit when stepping from their cars. Luckily, I got the focus right here to capture that.

Walking through pit lane

Danica walking through pit lane

Photo info: f/4 at1/640 with a 50mm. lensbaby.

Rookie: Defined as an untrained or inexperienced recruit.

However, Simona has already shown that she belongs here. Moments before her first laps at IMS, I ran across Simona as she suited up as one of five women in this year’s 500 field. The moment reminded me of my “rookie” season as an IMS photographer just four short four years ago. The nerves, wonderment, and the challenge. It was also a “rookie day” for me with my new lensbaby lens!

Photo of the day (Simona De Silvestro)

Photo info: f/4 at 1/1000 with 50 mm. lensbaby