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Big news today at the IZOD IndyCar Series as we have finally succeeded in obtaining the Twitter account that our fans have been asking for, @IndyCar. Today marks an exciting change from our days with @IndyCarNation as we will go forward with an increased focus on creating better connections with our fans and followers. What does this mean? It means post to our Facebook wall, Tweet at us, leave a comment under our videos and blogs and expect to hear back answers to your questions and even more content that you approve of and ‘like.’

Our previous Twitter followers will notice that Twitter has automatically updated your following list to reflect the change. In the future, all you will need to do is make sure to tag @IndyCar when mentioning us in your Tweets (and let’s face it, saving six characters when you only have 140 to work with actually IS a BIG deal!!).

Anyone that is not currently following us on Twitter, now is the time to start. Add @IndyCar to receive exciting updates, exclusive photos and videos, and a special offers and giveaways from our corporate partners. As part of the announcement, the 250th user to retweet our new Twitter handle will receive an exclusive IndyCar prize pack. Stay tuned to hear who the winner is…

Follow the IZOD IndyCar Series on Twitter @IndyCar

Follow the IZOD IndyCar Series on Twitter @IndyCar

Andretti Autosport recently invited me into Riverside Jr. High School in Fishers, Indiana to listen, along with a class of 25 students, to a presentation on IndyCar aerodynamics. Students in Brad Bill’s Tech Education class had the opportunity to ask Andretti crew member, Kelly Potter, how to make the miniature balsam wood cars they are building this semester go fast.

The classroom setting offered the unique experience to have the high-tech aerodynamic theories in use on IndyCars brought down to a level that 8th graders could understand. A key point among those theories was to focus on the shape of the car. As Kelly put it, think of things that go fast like a jet or even a ship, they always have a pointed front.  He next equated the “drag” created by wind to the force to someone trying to swim in heavy clothing.

Kelly went further in depth to describe the down force effect created by the placement of wings on an IndyCar. He then complimented the students by explaining how cool it was to see them try to apply similar design techniques used on IndyCars because he did not have that opportunity in 8th grade.

When Kelly went on to explain how the logos on IndyCars can create increased drag and weight on the vehicle, Tech Education teacher, Brad Bill, jumped in to connect the same theory to his students’ frustration with the amount of sanding required to perfect their cars. As he told students, there is a purpose after all to the amount of sanding it takes to make a car run smoothly.

Students had the opportunity to view an IndyCar up-close as part of the lesson and show off their own designs to Kelly Potter. His pick for the best student car? The one with the coolest paint job.

Andretti crew member choosing his favorite model car

Andretti Autosport Crew Member, Kelly Potter, critiques the student's car designs


Magnum Gives Back

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Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Recently, we joined up with Magnum Boots USA and ran a Twitter contest to give-away a complimentary pair or boots. Why? Well, we love our fans and we love our sponsors so we figured we better introduce the two…so, kind of like a blind date, but with a prize!

For those of you who don’t know, Magnum, is the sponsor of the IndyCar Series safety and security teams and supports the #4 National Guard car driven by Dan Wheldon. Here is a picture of a pair in action:

Magnum Boots

Magnum Boots in Action

In addition to giving an IndyCar Series fan a cool new pair of boots, Magnum has also found other ways to give back to the community. During various retail promotions, they donate $2 for every pair of boots sold to the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program. The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is an intervention programs dedicated to helping at-risk youth have a better tomorrow. Magnum has already donated approximately $20,000 to this non-profit organization – Pretty amazing!

Magnum is just one of our sponsors that is making a difference in the community and in racing. We hope to have more installments like this one, that highlight our relationship with our fans and our sponsors. We also plan on having another give-away contest soon. Good luck! And you should probably follow us both on Twitter:

IZOD IndyCar Series: @IndyCarNation

Magnum: @MagnumBootsUSA

Welcome to my first blog post! The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with some special designs being produced for some of our drivers. Here are some pictures of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet for the British F1 GP which featured Union Jack flags and a Grenada flag to celebrate his family’s Caribbean heritage.

Lewis Hamilton Helmet, 1

Lewis Hamilton - Helmet Design


The day I couldn’t stop smiling

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Growing up in Indy, oval races were really all I knew. When I’d watch an F1 or road course race, I used to wonder what the big deal was. Why would anyone ever WANT to slow down in order to make all of those turns? Although I do appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the street and road course races, my heart lies with the ovals.

Liza and the two-seater

So, what better way to celebrate the love with my first two-seater ride on the oval of Kansas Speedway. Not gonna lie, I was nervous for an entire week, but mostly excited out of my mind. Because IZOD does so many projects and promotions with the fabu team at the Indy Racing Experience (creators of the 2-seater experience), I’ve become good friends with this entertaining cast of characters. You’d think this would be comforting to a rookie rider, but all I thought about was how they’d make fun of my helmet head.


Highlights make page 1 on

Just noticed that the second practice session from Long Beach made page one on digg. Great to see that the fans dugg the highlight reel and are enjoying the coverage of the event.  I also noticed that fans are enjoying this season’s Flickr sets. Take a look at Daniel’s post about Flickr and digg that too!

There are also a lot of great video pieces out there that are being produced by our friends at IMS Productions, including a great list of Vlogs from Hideki Mutoh and Conquest Teammates-Mario Romancini and Bertrand Baguette…Click here to view all driver Vlogs…

There are also a couple of clips from the Hollywood BLVD take over event on Thursday evening.  You can check those and all the IZOD activation clips out here.

Lot’s of great content this weekend form LBC, look forward to more all season long.

Thanks for the support.

IndyCar and Flickr

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You may have noticed on our, through Facebook or on Twitter that we’re being pretty active on this year. For those of you not familiar with Flickr, it’s a photo sharing site with a devoted community of professional photographers and people that just like to snap away. This site allows us to upload unlimited images (and video under 90 seconds) and add metadata, like titles, descriptions, tags even geo-location. It’s another arena online for us to share the IndyCar experience and get to know our online fans. We’ve taken a diverse approach in 2010 by offering pics of drivers, teams, cars, fans, tracks, food, celebs, you name it. We want everyone to know what a great experience attending a race can be.

Some Flickr stats from our account

Some Flickr stats from our account


At 2pm on Wednesday April 14th-Sarah Fisher and Jay Howard marched up to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway administration building to deliver their official 2010 Indy 500 entry.

Raw Video: Sarah and Jay walk up to the IMS Admin Building

Jay and Sarah were greated by President and CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Jeff Belskus and the President of Competition for the Indy Racing League, Brian Barnhart.

Sarah and Jay also delivered these short messages to ask you to join them at the 2010 Indianapolis 500 by purchasing your tickets at

VIDEO: Check out Sarah and Jay’s messages

Pass the sauce and wipes, please

Posted on: April 11, 2010 | Comments(3) | Race Tracks | By: Dave

When seeking dinner suggestions in Birmingham, there are quality options to cover every day of the year.

Opinions about BBQ, though, are as numerous as restaurants. It seems everyone has their favorite – from Mom and Pop’s such as Miss Myra’s Pit Bar B Q to a swankier sauce experience (where the napkins are linen). “Have you tried?” a member of the Bruno Event staff at Barber Motorsports Park responds to an inquiry, only to be met with “No, I have a better place” by a member of the Zoom Motorsports promotion group.

This weekend, being the fourth visit to the city and Barber Motorsports Park, our travel group has hit a cross-section – from the quintessential Dreamland (with a loaf a white bread plopped in the center of your table; on a plate, of course) to the Full Moon (with its slogan “The Best Little Pork House in Alabama”).

Ribs from Dreamland BBQ

Ribs from Dreamland BBQ

Regional variations abound, and Birmingham area is known for its sweet tomato-based sauce.  Northern Alabama is known for its distinctive white sauce (mayonnaise- and vinegar-based). No thanks.

Another good thing for those involved with the Indy Racing League – coming up on the schedule is another city known for its barbeque (Kansas City). Pass the wipes, please.

I used to work at a museum, so I was really excited about seeing the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum while here for round 3 of the IZOD IndyCar Series. When you love museums and racing, it’s pretty cool to visit a place like Barber – a picturesque race setting and a museum filled with vintage motorcycles, Formula One cars and more. They’re all stunning pieces of art, in their own right.

Lots of motorcycles

A well designed museum

The collection is massive. The museum has jammed a lot of pieces into the space. At first it might seem overwhelming, but they’ve nailed the various aspects of exhibition design and it’s an engaging experience. Each piece seems to hold it’s own, despite being surrounded by impressive objects. The museum is worth a road trip (a few hours from Atlanta or Nashville) – not to mention, you get to experience the incredible track itself and beautiful, manicured grounds. This place is a real gem. Ask Will Power.