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More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye-Track

The week leading up to the 500 can be filled with seemingly silent days compared with the numerous practice days before qualification. I savor my quiet time at the speedway, whether it is walking to my car in turn three after a busy day, or before an early morning photo shoot of the front row, when this photo was taken. It is a time when you can truly feel the history, by taking time to see beyond the drivers, fans, and cars. Ron McQueeney always encourages us to take a look at alternate perspectives. With so many talented individuals on the IMS photo staff, there is no need for five of us to shoot the same thing. So, early on that bump day morning I journeyed down into turn one and created this shot of the finally grooved track surface with a lightly blurred pagoda breaking through the background. I could have never anticipated that the speedway would become one of my favorites for shooting landscapes….