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IndyCar and Flickr

Posted on: April 16, 2010 | Comments(9) | New Media | By: Daniel

You may have noticed on our, through Facebook or on Twitter that we’re being pretty active on this year. For those of you not familiar with Flickr, it’s a photo sharing site with a devoted community of professional photographers and people that just like to snap away. This site allows us to upload unlimited images (and video under 90 seconds) and add metadata, like titles, descriptions, tags even geo-location. It’s another arena online for us to share the IndyCar experience and get to know our online fans. We’ve taken a diverse approach in 2010 by offering pics of drivers, teams, cars, fans, tracks, food, celebs, you name it. We want everyone to know what a great experience attending a race can be.

Some Flickr stats from our account

Some Flickr stats from our account


Sean Combs and Mark Wahlberg make a guest appearence on Jimmy Kimmel live from the IZOD Race to the Party event on Hollywood Blvd.  View the clip below…